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Faith & Science

Discovering G-d through science

Bridging faith and science
Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD, bridges modern science and traditional faith by walking us through the Biblical Patriarch’s cognitive journey as he analyzes nature to discover the underlying unity of all phenomena, the One we call G-d. Abraham is portrayed as an ecosystems analyst, a philosophical pioneer. His gift to mankind was ethical monotheism, an achievement accomplished by the power of reason, and unshakable faith in the ultimate Cause.
Discovering G-d through science
Surprise! The crown prince of all natural sciences – quantum physics – has turned classical science on its head. Material realism—gone. Logical positivism—finished. Causal determinism—a myth. Instead we have a world where consciousness creates reality and mankind is central to the workings of nature. But don’t worry—this talk gives a guided tour for the layman.
The Kabbalah on the scientific revolution
An 1800 year old, Kabbalistic end-times prophecy clearly predicted the onset of the scientific revolution, right down to the dates, and grants science an illustrious role—as harbinger of the Days of Moshiach and the seventh millennium.
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