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The Conscious Universe

Discovering G-d through science

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The Conscious Universe: Discovering G-d through science

Surprise! The crown prince of all natural sciences – quantum physics – has turned classical science on its head. Material realism—gone. Logical positivism—finished. Causal determinism—a myth. Instead we have a world where consciousness creates reality and mankind is central to the workings of nature. But don’t worry—this talk gives a guided tour for the layman.
Torah & Science

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Robin August 30, 2016

21 grams :36 "the soul is something you can't really touch, you can't really test it."

Dr. Duncan McDougall performed experiments to see if the soul had weight. Starting April 10, 1901 in Dorchester, Massachusetts he weighed six patients before and immediately after death with four other physicians presents. Only four of the six patients weights were able be counted due to either the patient passing before equipment was put in place or mechanical problems.The weight each person lost is supposedly unexplainable.

McDougall's conclusion is the average weight of the human soul is 21 grams.

He also did an experiment with 15 dogs in which he found no evidence of weight loss of any kind. In 1917 another scientist did a similar experimented on mice coming to the same conclusion as Dr.McDougall with his on canines.
I'm not saying these experiments are moral, ethical or correct...I'm just saying it's there.

In the end I suppose Mr.Gotfryd is correct in saying you can't really test it but, Hashem can! Reply

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