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Anne Frank’s Stepsister

Eva Schloss tells her story of survival

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Anne Frank's Stepsister: Eva Schloss tells her story of survival

A riveting story of courage and survival of the horrors of the Holocaust.
Holocaust Survivors, Frank, Anne, Holocaust

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RE: THE HOLOCAUST The fact that the holocaust was carried out by a supposedly civilized group of people is a sad commentary on the concept of 'March of Civilization." It is unthinkable that the cultured Nazi SS members could be as bestial as the Roman Legionnaire of CE 70, 110, 132 despite their nurturing in a Christian Society that emphasizes love and forgiveness. How did 34 percent of Germany that supported the Nazis in 1933 dominate and enslave the other 66 percent of Germans? The annihilation of innocent Jews, especially children, who were not guilty of murder had confounded many but is now readily explained by the SS's and Nazi Gauleiters' desire to rob the Jews of their considerable wealth. Jews world wide are hereby warned to restrain from flaunting their wealth in the face of the rest of mankind. Unbelievably as it may sound, the holocaust may happen again! Jews are today being accused of being in a worldwide conspiracy to enslave others economically and being the cause of Ukraine crisis. Reply

Milton Roy Peiser South Africa May 3, 2014

EVA SCHLOSS ANNE FRANK'S STEPSISTER I was absolutely spelbound by all you went through and the miracles that happened to you and your mother. It is obvious that there is only ONE who runs this world and who knows and sees everything. We must have faith in Hashem all the time even when we are down and the future looks bleek. You have shown this very comprehensively. I am very impressed with the facts you stated so clearly with no stuttering or stammering. I wish all the very best in all things that you do. Hatzlachah. Roy Peiser. Johannesburg, South africa, Reply

Vinetta Dyte London May 3, 2014

Your courage and survival Mrs Shloss,

You have encouraged me. Thank you! Reply

Angela Genesco Fort-lee, New Jersey via May 2, 2014

book to buy I want to reed your book. I am also a holocaust surviver. My story is similar to Ann Frank. Reply

Edith Mitchell Missouri May 1, 2014

Dear Ms. Schloss, Thank you for your time and placing your life story out for us to learn with your relations to Ann Frank. I have been very moved and humbled. The years of WWII by the 3rd Reich power still reaches me as unimaginable to conceive. The story of the Holocaust continues to just grip me of its horror with individual human lives taken into disgraces beyond reason. The roles of individuals taken to believe without any conscious feeling and going to levels of torture and horrendous treatments of the Jewish children, women, and men is a scope of history that is a must to tell forever. I am so pleased you have come to let us know of your history. My best wishes to you and your family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia May 1, 2014

Dear Mrs Schloss, thank you very much for telling this powerful story.
G-d bless you and your family. Reply

Matti Holland May 1, 2014

I need to say that i am touched by Ms Schloss story.
There are no words to express my warm feelings for the survivors who still fight for humanity and justice.
As she said: iT is our duty to fight for humanity and justice and to stand up if we have to.
Very true!
Matti Reply

Anonymous East Windsor April 30, 2014

Russians Amazing that Russians who were so horrible to Hidden were Hashem's shelichim in saving u. Thank u for sharing. Reply

Anonymous Rockland, MA April 30, 2014

I really do not know how the survivors were able to go on with life considering the terrible memories they were haunted by. Listening to these stories always gives me nightmares but it is so important that the world not be allowed to ever forget. Reply

Thomas Ewen Newcastle November 11, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

I was in a play (a light in the dark mess. Eva and Zve came to to play and spoke to her wilh the cast. hi Reply

Germano Riviera (Levy) Florida April 30, 2014

Memories of the past. You sad story reminds me of something that happened to me.....This did not took place in Europe, but in Colombia, S.A...Was beaten by my class-mates, and bulied by my own so called teachers. This bad experience has made me much stronger to the years though, but do still hurt to remember. Reply

cindy los angeles, ca April 30, 2014

You are truly Blessed G-d has smiled on you Eva schloss , you are truly blessed, ..the life of Ann Frank really touch my life. I could almost feel the pain ann frank what she went through and her family as well as the other families that was there in hiding. Eva schloss you are truly bless as a child, G-d had his hand on your life and to this day you are still blessed to let us know what are a very strong person . And I really admire you for what you are doing ..Thank you for sharing all that you have said....So much respect for you. G-d Bless you. Reply

Judex Mauritius April 30, 2014

Ann Frank's Stepsister. Great, but sad Story. Often, I question the why something bad happens. Wondering, just wondering ! Reply

James Oliver Lake Country ,B.C. Canada April 30, 2014

Truly , an Honor to meet yet another Survivor When I was just 7-8 yrs. old ,I came across the pictorial History of WW2 .Within the pages of the "European Campaign " were all of the concentration camps , each with their own common stories of Man's Inhumanity to his Fellow Human Beings .All throughout my life , I have been drawn to Jewish History and their wonderful Spirit for Life in the face of death ! As a boy , my 2 Israeli hero's were Golda Maier and that gutsy General Moshe Dyan and then in 1982 , I got to go to Israel ,walk the streets of Jerusalem, work in 2 Kibbutzim and best of all , I got to work for the Survivors as a house cleaner ! I loved their trust and they allowed me to ask questions and their replies were of course very sensitive . The as I moved to Canada , here in the Okanagan , my landlord was the Italian Ambassadors Translator in Berlin in WW2 ! She was Jewish ! Such a wonderful and gifted , lovely group of families of Human Beings . I am Truly Honored to know you . Here , in my little home and shop ..WELCOME ! Reply

Pnina Klein April 30, 2014

Thank You Thank You so much Eva for your work, never forget! Reply

Elliot Ainley stanmore April 29, 2014

Your book Eva I am very interested in reading your book.
Anne's book greatly interested me & I would like to compare yours.
I am Jewish & interested in Holocaust studies. Reply

Charles E. Miller/ Familie van Pelt Chesapeake, Virginia April 29, 2014

Die Familie Frank und Frau Schloss Sie haben ein schweres Leben gehabt. G_tt segne Sie und Ihre Familie. Das war eine schreckliche Periode der Geschichte. Sie sind eine tapfere Frau. Ich respektiere Sie so sehr. Reply

Glenna Rhode Island USA> April 29, 2014

We must never forget. thank you for sharing your story Thank you for sharing your story. I am American But My fathers grandparents were all born in Poland. and Even in the USA the anti-Semitism is horriable. and every time someone says you can't I give them 6 Millions reasons why I can and I do. Every holiday every Shabbat I think about that. I am single and I will ONLY marry a Jewish man. so I will make sure that 6 million including your father and brother along with Anne Frank Will never be forgotten. and I personally won't and I was born in 1970. I am Jewish and proud. again thank you for sharing your story. Reply

Gail Harris USA April 29, 2014

My heart is filled with joy and thanksgiving after hearing your story and to see the joy and enthusiasm that you so freely share with the whole world. Evil will not triumph!!! I love you! Reply

Christopher California April 29, 2014

Extraordinary Personal Story Thank you for posting Ms. Schloss' story. Reply

SSS April 29, 2014

It's a complement!! Mrs scloss is of course fulfilling a lot even though she is not yet religious she is still inspiring others to become religious!! And although she went through so much she is still sharing it with the world good for her!! Iy"h as she takes on more it would uplift us even more because even though it was such a painful experience for her she is aw to put it behind her. Thank you mrs schloss Reply

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