Growing Older

A fresh perspective on aging and retirement

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Growing Older: A fresh perspective on aging and retirement

Can we get older and still be lovable? The Rebbe’s perspective on aging, and tips on how to age gracefully, positively and successfully.
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Aging & Retirement

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Lou Becker Nashville TN via chabadnashville.com April 6, 2018

Getting younger Getting old is a state of mind.... If you stay active you'll remain young in mind, it's only your bady that will get old. I'm 84 years young and still keep up all of my activities (in fact I don't know when I had time to work) I just do them a lot slower.

Lou (member of Chabad of Nashville Reply

Sofia Chicago via obshina.com February 4, 2014

Great for all Ages I enjoyed your video. I was sort of hoping you'd include all decades in this piece. I'm 30, but still as I think about the future I feel as though time will pas by in a blink of an eye. Formerly, before marriage I was building my career, getting ready to go back to school and pursue a higher degree, but then thank G-d of course, children came into my life, and friendships lost along the way. So although the kids keep me busy, their are times I feel like time is running out, at least to build a career and pursue other things. Your video made me more optimistic, if older people need to continue developing and learning something new, their might still be time for me, ;). I'd also like to point out from my experience with the elderly population that I love the Hasidic concept of optimism. Many immigrants Jews (or not) get very sad, lonely, and depressed because this concept of continuance to live every minute while your still breathing was never taught to them. Reply

Anonymous USA February 3, 2014

Memory Frumma,

After suffering a stroke the day before Chanukah (at the old age of 53) and a miracle of recovery I too was worried about losing memory ...so I discovered Harry Lorayne (a Jewish guy, too) and his memory books. Unbelievable the things I can do with memory now. I am smarter than I was when I was 20! Google him and try a book of his. You will be amazed. Reply

Frumma February 2, 2014

You're so right Barbara! I am sorry I was insensitive in my use of "cliches". I have a daughter with mental illness. Occasionally one of the rabbis in our community uses the expression "acting schizzo". It hurt me every time he said it and I never took the time to mention it to him. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Reply

izzy February 1, 2014

Amazing class! Keep them coming! Reply

Zanne Bakersfield, CA/USA via chabadofbakersfield.com February 1, 2014

Aging That was extremely uplifting and insightful. It sure made me feel better, and turned my whole outlook around. I was getting depressed about it, but now I see things in a new light. Thank you for your help. The Rebbe was sure wise! Reply

barbara grubman WOODLAND hILLS, cAL, via chabadofbelair.org January 31, 2014

meals on wheels I take exception to your comment about not being ready for meals on wheels...(being older). First of all, not all seniors need meals on wheels, secondly, when I broke an arm, I needed wheels on meals and they are a wonderful source of nutrition.
I am 80 now and never felt more alive, or more intelligent.
Watch your clichés! Reply

Angela Hoffberg Richland, MS January 30, 2014

Growing Older Growing older can be depressing but exciting as well. In the Upper Worlds, no one will care how long we lived here. Being in this descent advances our souls so much, so there is really nothing sad or to fear about growing older. I think many people worry if their health, eye sight, and hearing will continue. This can be worse than death. Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2014

Sp We'll said , we'll put together with a positive and relaxing voice and style ... Thank you Reply

Shifrah Miami January 29, 2014

It is a frame of mind! Great points to keep in mind. Thanks Frumma. You are a rose in our (Miami) Garden and we're glad to have you! Reply

juliakathleen qld. australia January 29, 2014

Thanks . Your talk is full of inspiration and its perfect to share (Pinterest) so that encouragement comes into precious later years.Its great to be "on the move",creating more ,learning more Torah.What joy! Reply

Feige Cleveland, OH January 29, 2014

Thought provoking! Nice to know it's OK to grow old and to learn how to do this gracefully! Reply

Tova Wald East Talpiot Jerusalem, Israel via heightschabad.com January 28, 2014

outreach for seniors Shalom! My name is Tova (Toby) Wald. I am an ex-American Israeli citizen residing in Jerusalem. I found you on the B'naii Avraham Website thanks indirectly to Rabbi Aaron Raskin שליטה. I won;t go into lots of details but get down to the point. "Can we get older and still be lovable?"--as stated above. Could the answer be "certainly!: But this subject has to do with society, our environment,,our synagogues--for the religious observant Jew.Places of worship are the perfect places where love and especially to the elderly should be displayed. In what way? Opening friendships: Introductions,.starting conversations, "Getting to know you" socials. .Celebrating birthdays. Calling, exchanging telephone conversations. A coffee and cake invitation. Who wouldn't enjoy such a program and the feeling of being loved!. A person alone--can he or she have a sense of being loved or being lovable?. We should try to spread this idea and see if love can flourish. Below are my details Reply

miriam liebermann January 28, 2014

Great approach to aging!! I too spend a bit of time contemplating my advancing years. Your approach is heartwarming, encouraging, inspiring and music to my ears!! Hope to follow through, with G-d's help, on all your wise suggestions. Many thanks!!! May you be blessed- till 120- with good health and good cheer- and continue to share your wisdom and strength with the greater Jewish community. Reply

Anonymous seattle January 27, 2014

aging Gracefully? I talk to about 20-30 pts daily. Helping them make decisions about what they will do about current health situations they may have.
One of the wonderful aspects of my employment is talking to people in their 80=-90's Most of them have a great sense of humor and seem to have great fun - even though their area of operation has been greatly limited at this age. They seem to expand it by how they think and what they think about. So often they are light hearted and have a forgiving attitude to themselves and others, and yes they often express gratefulness. They also seem to be able to not take themselves overly seriously. They go into the garden with their walker and wheelchair! . I cant get the flu!! how will I work in the kitchen for the homeless? or something like this I often hear.. What a blessing to age, what a blessing that.these wonderful human beings are staying around for us! Reply

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