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The Elixir to Eternal Youth

Torah perspectives on aging and retirement

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The Elixir to Eternal Youth: Torah perspectives on aging and retirement

What is the Torah's perspective to old age and retirement? Learn the Torah's secrets to not becoming old.
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Aging & Retirement

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Bobby February 14, 2018

Miss Shifra.
I love your teaching! You have been an impactful, eye opening, and beautiful influence in my life and the lives of those I am blessed to also touch. Your kindness and wisdom are contagious! You open doors that I didn't even know were there! You are a true treasure! Thank you! Reply

EDITH June 14, 2017

I love listening to these classes online. But sometimes your voice dips so low and it is hard to hear you. But thank you for sharing these wonderful nuggets. Reply

Shifra Sharfstein June 15, 2017
in response to EDITH :

I'll keep that in mind next time! Thank you! Reply

Leslie Hawaii National Park June 12, 2017

Such a beautiful lesson. Thank you. Reply

Joyce Oxfeld Philadelphia June 12, 2017

So true. Focus on Body and Physical strength

I find that so true. Or if you become disabled in any way. Reply

Anonymous Tucson March 17, 2017

Thank you Thank you for all of your kind prayers, after interviews, I was offered 2 great jobs within 1 day!
Much Appreciated Reply

Eileen Shapero Thornhill March 16, 2017

Old Age shiur.. Great job, Shifra! I enjoy learning from you. You're dynamic, erudite and sincere. Yasher Koach! L'chaim! Reply

Shifra Sharfstein June 15, 2017
in response to Eileen Shapero:

Such a pleasure Eileen! And so good to hear from you! Reply

CK Tucson March 15, 2017

People of all ages need employment Lovely presentation,although seems to be meant for a classist audience,who can afford to retire. Times have changed and the United States needs to provide jobs for all ages, and stop stereotyping people due to their age. After raising my family and recently having completed my Masters degrees, I am still seeking and in need of employment to pay for my monthly expenses, if you would please say a prayer.
Thank you Reply

Craig Hamilton Sandwich, MS March 15, 2017

Rejoice for Problems! Don’t Complain. If one’s problems seem too great, then I don’t believe the answer is to complain to Hashem, but rather to give thanks to Hashem for the problems. Hashem should not reward someone with greater capability for coming up short in life. Rather, get nearer to Hashem by resolving to worship Him to an even greater degree, as it is written, “G‑d is always with the oppressed. Even if the oppressor is righteous and the oppressed is wicked, our sages tell us, G‑d is with the oppressed. (Lev. Rabba 27:7)," Living has taught me that the problems are there for a reason! Thus, one should search his/her soul inside out for the reasons why Hashem brought the problems, and these problems should motivate one to reach even deeper into their soul to love Hashem greater than someone with fewer problems. The greater one’s problems are should be a motivator to search and repent for anything done wrong, and not to give up if the problems don’t immediately vanish. Reply

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