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If Marriage Is Made in Heaven, What Are We Doing Here on Earth?

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If Marriage Is Made in Heaven, What Are We Doing Here on Earth?

Sara Karmely shares her personal journey and how the Rebbe became a central guiding figure in all areas of her life.
Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony), Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Sarah Karmely New York September 28, 2019

Thank you for the comments. I would be happy to respond to any questions. Feel free to contact me Reply

Clare Toronto July 18, 2016

Thank you for sharing i was momentarily stumped when i realized that you had changed the title of your talk!!

But thank you for your clarity!! Psalm 86, v. 17

... holy and beautiful shining countenance. Interesting choice of words, 'countenance'. Reply

Sarah Karmely Kew gardens July 17, 2016

If anyone would like my books or cds, just email me at [email protected] Reply

Laleh Beverly Hills September 28, 2019
in response to Sarah Karmely:

Sarah I just listened to your talk about marriage and after 30 years of marriage I truly learned so much from you. I love you so much. I have to share this talk with people I love. God bless you
PS. I don’t know if you remember me but I saw you at Rabbi Shusterman recently ❤️ Reply

Anonymous July 12, 2016

So many husbands are cheating these days. How can a wife pray and make their husband a priority with everything they do. Reply

Anonymous Midwest, USA July 9, 2016

Beautiful lecture. Wish I had know of him yrs ago. Needed xtra guidance, My life was destined from a very young age to become a physician, overcoming many obstacles, journeying on many paths. My destiny became a reality. Now as I look back, despite miracles that occurred (didn't see them at the time on the myriad of paths), I now can see other things that had always been in front of me, yet I couldn't see how any applied to me.
As my peers are now becoming Bubbie's & Zaides, I look around & evaluate my life as it is. A mid-life crisis of sorts? Perhaps. Never dated, had thrown myself into studying. No time to socialize, be the best I can be in medical school, best doctor, but no socializing, dating, no marriage, no b'sheret, no spouse, no kids, nachas. Life goes on, I seem to have let myself (or was destined to have happen) be left behind. Now studying Chumash & Tanya with Rabbi Y. Gordon OBM, doing whatever Mitzvots I can, etc. No kids, don't think any spiritual ones either. Always felt alone but never lonely. Now just lonely. Need to find meaning. Reply

Sarah Karmely new york September 28, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

It's never too late. Blessings Reply

Dinah Queens, NY December 16, 2019
in response to Sarah Karmely:

Baruch haShem

I have been holding on to your "It's never too late. Blessings" words since I read them. I remember reading the message you responded to years ago. I took the words for myself because I am in a similar (not exactly the same) situation as Anonymous in the Midwest. You are thoroughly enjoyable and effective as a teacher. May G-d continue to bless you! May G-d also bless Anonymous in the Midwest with a suitable wife/partner so he is not lonely anymore. Perhaps G-d has already taken care of it!! ^.^ Reply

SIMAKU New York July 8, 2016

The moment you see the Rebbe you instinctively unravel the love for God it is engraved in our heart, this miracle is the Jewish people that resemble God in all generations, and Rebbe brought the preservation of the Jewish Tradition that is a gift of God the Torah and Judaism that is the way of life as created by Hashem, and Rebbe is above that words can express, most revered thought is " The one Jewish man that will finish the job is gonna take all the credit of all redemption that is gonna be our beloved Mashiach " may we c this in our time and the life of all Jewish family amen

And it is all because of Jewish Moms like you that all Hashems blessing comes into the world, thanks dear Sarah with all blessings From faithful friend with love Simaku
May Hashem Bless You Reply

Joan Brigham Fripp Island SC July 7, 2016

Just a superb and inspiring delivery of wisdom and encouragement. I can't wait to read and hear more !
Thank you so very much for sharing .

Olisa Ufondu Kharkov July 6, 2016

Amazing communication! Couldn't get enough of it!! Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY July 6, 2016

What intelligence, beauty, elegant style, lovely femininity & powerful spirituality! These qualities radiate so strongly from you as you give your talk. If only it were longer. The cases you cite are wonderful examples of our Rebbe's 'extraordinary sight' and our L-rd's powers of putting together, sometimes through the most extenuated and convoluted maneuvering of circumstances imaginable, meetings and opportunities that many regard as 'coincidence.' Clearly you have a great deal to teach other women and a talent to communicate it in a way that feels (to me) as if I am drinking a glass of cool water. I feel refreshed and almost satisfied. Why just 'almost' satisfied? Because I would like to hear much more of your experiences and advice. Thank you for giving this talk; and, I hope you will return and give another in the near future. Reply

Priscilla Miami July 5, 2016

Beautiful Your story was so inspiring. The couples of today really need to take their home into great consideration. I also do believe a woman is the foundation of the home. Without a happy wife, there wont be a happy husband or happy children. That being said husband has to make sure to respect his wife and give her up most value, that way she can give \the beautiful love she was meant to give her husband. Thank you for such a powerful message. Reply

Mrs. B. Dash Toronto July 5, 2016

a three stranded cord ... yes, Ha Shem is the third strand.

A great talk. And so inspirational!! Reply

Emese Oseni Scarborough July 5, 2016

Fabulous story. Loved every second of it. Reply

Anonymous July 4, 2016

:) Very insightful discussion; Mrs. Karmely! :) Thank you for sharing. Reply

JDV July 4, 2016

I enjoyed your presentation but so many women are forced to work, how can they make their home a priority? Reply