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Does Your iPhone Hate Your Marriage?

Filling in emotional energy leaks

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Does Your iPhone Hate Your Marriage?: Filling in emotional energy leaks

Today more than ever, there are “emotional energy leaks” vying for our attention and time, that damage the special bond we are supposed to have with our mate. How can spouses make sure they are cherishing each other properly?
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Devorah Miami July 27, 2012

Thank you Your words are a breath of fresh air. How important it is to cherish our spouses as our true best friends and soul mates and to strive for unity and togetherness, always. Thank you for the reminder. Reply

miriam fane vaknin bet shemesh, israel January 31, 2012

dear frumma shalom,remember me -miriam fane from you class taught me were always a wonderful speaker.chazak chazak please do more Reply

Julie black mountain, nc/usa January 30, 2012

Thank You Thank you so much! You said you have a son in interior design...I've watched tv shows for/on decorating "catch as catch could' while raising our children (my training was business)... The exercise about the three windows ^good view of your spouse^ . When you said 'window trick' I heard ^window treatment^. I think this is what i was looking for on those shows....YOUR WINDOW TREATMENT... Thank you, Dear Frumma, you have given me great wealth. I shall gladly pass to our children. Reply

sruly lazerson s January 18, 2012

Awesome! Very nice video - keep more of these coming! Reply

Rivka Goldstein Singapore, Singapore January 4, 2012

Frumma, please make more lectures! Thank You. Reply

Hadassah Rivkah and Yosef Zev North Miami Beach, Florida January 4, 2012

Yaher koach! You really shine on this topic!. .... May you and your royal spouse also enjoy all the blessings of being cherished and shalom and much simcha! Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA January 3, 2012

Mrs Rosenberg-Gottlieb, what you have just spoken sounds so unreal to me. Is there such a couple? There most be. I should not doubt it. But yet, I have never seen this behavior in my entire life. It sounds like a poem. How wonderful it most be. What you just said about looking for the positive in a relationship, I think it works just the same with any relationship. Always looking for the inner good in everyone. This attitude does not shows on most people now aday. People seem to be very angry. I hope to accomplish such behavior on everyone. I am not married. I was traumatized and never got married again. I am single since the age of 29 and I am 63 today. You are such a loving person. I can imagine how happy your husband must be to have someone like you in his life. Thank you for this teaching. Hope all married couples listen and live happyly ever after. Reply

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