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From Altar Boy to Chabad Rabbi

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From Altar Boy to Chabad Rabbi

The fascinating story of a young man’s journey to discover his Jewish roots. Raised as a Catholic, Mathew Devlin only later learns of his Jewish identity through a remarkable chain of events.
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Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Baal Teshuvah

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Rachel Wisconsin via JewishTV iOS January 23, 2023

Thank You very much for this testimony. Reply

ettah via JewishTV Android January 18, 2023

still cuts off.. but also: where's the rest of the story??? Reply Staff January 19, 2023
in response to ettah:

Please refresh your browser and try again, the full story is available now. Reply

Shaul Leiter Tsfat January 18, 2023

Matisyahu, thank u very much. Reply

Judie Lwrence Pleasanton, CA January 17, 2023

Rabbi I love your story of your journey and your faith and perseverance to become a practicing Jew. I was so engrossed but your video cuts off about 2 minutes early and I wanted to hear it to the end. It was when you told your mother you wanted to go back to yeshiva Reply

Editor January 18, 2023
in response to Judie Lwrence:

The end of the talk is now viewable. Reply

Esther Israel January 17, 2023

Hello this is an amazing and fascinating story. I identify very much because I also went to a Catholic school for awhile. I later converted to Judaism but much later after that, discovered that I might have been Jewish in the first place. I also came into Judaism through Chabad. This brought back a lot of memories. Thank you. Just one thing- the video got cut off before the story was finished. Is there any way to fix this? I want to hear the end of the story! Reply

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