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On Being Chosen

Reflections on Jewish Chosenness

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On Being Chosen: Reflections on Jewish Chosenness

Is there a difference between Jews just "being" chosen as opposed to actually "knowing" that they were chosen?
Chosen People

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Anonymous May 1, 2019

Amazing, horrific, I'm crying and so emotional. Thank you for your talks Reply

Orjiakor Eric Ofordile February 27, 2012

On Being Chosen I am from Nigeria live in Vienna. From my heart I acknowladged that everything that been reveal to the world about jewish people and judaism are undeniable truth.

Honorable Rabbi Friedman, thank you so much for lighting my soul up once more. Reply

Anonymous Oslo, Norway September 11, 2011

Amen. We all need someone who carry and speak the word of G-d, the word is light and was given from Him for the jews to speak to everybody. Psalm 22:28 - 32. Not everybody hates the jews. And many wantes to rejoice in the trueth. How can one know the thrueth if the ones who does know it doesnt share? Thank you for sharing. This speach is important! I am sure that the jews will get ALL the land that is given them according to the scriptures when the world really understand and believe in the Bible. Reply

Michelle January 10, 2011

Thank YOU it has been a privilledge to hear all that you had to say.

G-d bless each and every one of you who enabled your voice to reach my ears

blessings and light, be yours eternally. amen Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada December 23, 2010

Being Chosen Thank-you Chabad for posting my comment on being chosen. You show great generosity, open-mindedness and liberality in accepting my views as a non jew. I hope I don't offend anyone's sensibilities at your website and beyond. Like you I am simply searching for the Truth in my relationship with G-d. Thank-you and God Bless You. Reply

Anonymous December 20, 2010

On Being Chosen A human being should not worry about being chosen or if they fit in. A human being or Jew should serve G-d. A simple observance of some commandments is not something unachievable. Human beings love to see cultural monuments and wonders but they really don't care about the materials used to make them. You can not build something from nothing. When you use the very same breath that gives you life and you use it to blast your Creators kindness... Well don't expect to be accepted with kindness or respect from anyone on the ground floor. Can you tell me of a home or planet that is remotely close to our home and does it have what this planet has right now? i wake up in the morning and give thanks to G-d for giving me that breath of life and to thank Him for all that He has done for all of us bad and good. The simple Jew tought the Baal Shem Tov to observe the complex subjects in life. Reply

Miss Kayo Kaneko December 19, 2010

Clear picture Baruch HaShem

Thank you for answering to my unconfortability to be chosen. I did not know exactly how to explain this "chosenness" to gentiles. Reply

Meira League City, TX. December 19, 2010

How can I get an access? I see that people were able to enjoy this class but my comp didn't show anything except music at the begining.
Please help!
Thank you for sharing, best regards, Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada December 19, 2010

Being Chosen If being chosen means someone else is excluded; where does that place the victim of that exclusivity? In other words where and when does this the paradoxical relationship between the chosen and the unchosen meet to become one under God?
Isn't it a better question to ask: How can the unchosen become good enough to be chosen or can the Gentile cross over to become a Jew in practice without all the institutional programming of mainstream religion? Wasn't Adam a secular citizen of the world before he became a Jew in the Garden of Eden?
However it does require the lucid thinking of a Mr. Friedman to jolt us out of our mediocrity from time to time. The fact that he is Jewish may be incidental or not. I don't know. I may be a Jew if I trace my genealogy back far enough bar the Zelig Syndrome?
"I would never want to join a club that would have me as its member." Groucho Marx.
Is the fact that Groucho was a Jew; an infinite regress in my view of Jewishness? Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA December 16, 2010

On Being Chosen Honorable Rabbi Friedman,
What a wonderful message!! This message is what I was longing to hear all these years of my life.

The Jewish people will be bringing the true message of our Creator with Power and Might. And we all are willing to hear and do as He commanded us because of His kind mercies and compassion.

Your message is an inspiration to hear, follow, and do. Reply

Richard Raff December 16, 2010

On Being Chosen When thinking about G-d I get so perplexed, it really is too much to think about. When I think about what it's like to see G-d's creation and to play an active role in creation... well i feel included. Please do not see yourself different from, lets say (Jews). Thinking too much can ruin a good get together. Place your self next to your fellow Jew and have respect for their place in creation. Find the friend in the Jew instead of a ill advised debate. Deflate your ego so you may enjoy the family. The family that always was your family and you didn't even know it. The dark ages are gone, now lets turn to light so we merit the goodness it has to offer. Reply

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