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Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

How to infuse our physical reality with spirituality

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Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: How to infuse our physical reality with spirituality

How the Jewish people, and particularly Jewish women, have been experts in maintaining our spiritual identity even in foreign soils.
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Purpose, Physicality and Spirituality

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Rachel Leshem Gan Yoshiya, Israel. December 4, 2018

Such a dynamic lecture to the heart and mind! Hoping to be able to implement your ideas.Thank you. Happy and lightened Chanukah. Reply

Lisa Fogel Pittsford, NY April 19, 2016

incredible, moving, touching and connecting. thank you for this gift of your voice, you and all that made you. Reply

Phillip van Niekerk Nelspruit March 13, 2015

Excellent! Miriam, I really enjoyed this, your teaching brought clarity and understanding to this Husband, Dad and Grand-dad who has been blessed with six woman (Children and Grandchildren) at 71 years of age and as the head of my home I
have been very protective over my ladies, I pray for them daily, I love them sincerely but I really need a revelation to understand the way of a woman, I do need to say that I am a very down the line no-nonsense person. Do you have any other teachings that will bring light on how Dad's should teach and raise girls, it's something we seem to struggle with?
Please continue with what you are doing!
Phillip Reply

Anonymous Virginia February 26, 2015

Truly excellent commentary - I will be looking for more from Miriam Reply

Anonymous February 25, 2015

Wow!! Such a beautiful speech.. With so many amazing messages! Reply

rochel goldman South Africa February 23, 2015

Miriam, you are so inspiring, and speak beautifully! Brilliant message to the women! Reply

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