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Kosher Supervision

Do You Know If Your Food is Kosher?

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Kosher Supervision: Do You Know If Your Food is Kosher?

Rabbi Tsvi Heber of the COR Kashruth Council of Canada explains kosher supervision's three basic components: ingredients, equipment, and processing.
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Eliezer Zalmanov for February 13, 2014

To Talia Anything that is mass produced and has many ingredients has the potential to be non-kosher. Either because of its own ingredients or because of other products made using the same equipment. Kosher supervision and certification enables enables us, the consumers, to determine which products are acceptable. Reply

Talia Alaska February 13, 2014

Hi. I'm working on a school project for a Torah fair and I was wondering if you can help me. I need more information on the kashrut of candy and why there has to be supervision. Thank you!! Reply

Anonymous USA January 11, 2013

What are the names of the fish with the proper scales that are kosher? The only ones I eat are the salmon and tilapia. I do not eat meat for that reason, where I reside I have not been able to locate a Kosher store. I also do not have anything dairy because of allergies. Most of my diet is vegetable, and fish. Is there any where or company that I could contact to find the kosher food here in Arizona? I have develop some deficiency and taking vitamins because of my diet. I simply cannot eat the meat that is not kosher by the look of it makes me sick in my stomach. But listening to you I have learnt a lot today, from now on I will buy the tilapia that is whole. Hope I can find it that way. Smoked salmon is not problem I hope? I eat plenty of it. On the other hand what is a person to do when living in a city where it is so difficult to keep Kosher? Reply

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