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Which Animals Are Kosher?

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Which Animals Are Kosher?

Which species of animals, birds, fish and vermin are kosher, and which are not?
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Anonymous North Chatleston January 17, 2018

Few know how industrial meat is prepared. Remember Mad Cow Disease? It was said it started by capturing the cows feces, then filtering it out to gain solids that could be fed back.
But like one chicken plant. Those dead born were processed into feed for other chickens. Recall not cooking a calf in its' mothers' milk? Seems like there's a common theme of not eating predatorial animals & birds.
Few know how good is processed. It might disgust some if that knew.
Just like there's good Jersey milk which yes, it has more fat, but it has more protein too. Not to mention that some with sensitivity to regular commercial milk have tolerated Jersey milk well.
Oh, chicken. We raised some long ago. Where to put to the country and get natural chickens. The yolk is darker orange, the white is thick and actually had a flavor. Meat, a big leg after a couple hours on a grill, it's about half that size. Natural, leg is same as size as it was when put on the grill. C'mon. Reply

Anonymous January 17, 2018

Don't eat any animals. Treat all animals with kindness, respect.- how to kill with kindness
is a bit of a problem, as I am sure all creatures want to go on living. Reply

Gerald A Smith Nicaragua January 17, 2018

Partridge and pheasant? Reply

Dineo Jeanette Chaka Kutumela South Africa Gauteng JHB July 31, 2017

Thanks for the kosher video much appreciated

Billy Balano Toronto February 11, 2015

kosher birds Quails should be kosher. The Bible says G-d send tons of quails to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. Sources said that these birds were on their annual migration route and were very exhausted when they came across the wilderness of Sin. So the people had no difficulty catching them. Reply

Jen in Oz Sunny Melbourne, Aust April 17, 2012

birds he doesn't mention ducks or geese as a kosher-edible bird? Reply

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