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The Shabbat Table

A Practical Guide

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The Shabbat Table: A Practical Guide

The rituals and customs that we have practiced for centuries at the Shabbat table; from lighting candles to eating delicious Challah.

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Anonymous January 7, 2020

Can I use any candlesticks for Shabbat or must they be specifically designed for Shabbat? Reply Staff January 7, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

You can use any candle stick. Reply

Anonymous morristown, tn August 15, 2011

newbies my wife and raised conservative and she raised reform have begun the celebration of shabbat weekly and this video was especially helpful for us to understand the history and traditions of shabbat.

please post additional videos. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, December 15, 2008

Re: Altar It is the table in general that is considered an altar, not only the Shabbat table. For the sources, please see Why is the Challah dipped in salt before it is eaten? Reply

Lisa New York, New York December 14, 2008

ref Where does it say/who said that the shabbat table is emblematic of the altar?
Please give references. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, February 25, 2008

how to wash the hands Thanks for your note. You may want to check out Ritual Washing of the Hands where you can find instructions on how to wash your hands as well as the transliteration of the blessing. Reply

Anonymous February 24, 2008

the Washing of hands before partaking in Challah It is nice to see exactly how the Shabbat should be carried out - but - everyone just seems to gloss over the washing of the hands. I have only heard the Bracha that is said over the washing of the hands twice in my entire life and am continually trawling through anything I can find on the Shabbas that will teach me how and what to say for the Bracha when we wash our hands.
Please can you do a special video that the Bracha so that I can learn the prayer too. Reply

Anonymous June 14, 2006

video on shabbos they are great videos but i think there should be a disclaimer saying the the video was not taken on shabbos Reply

Dovid Zaklikowski Brooklyn, NY June 5, 2006

Various Customs There are various customs if one should wash each one of their hands two or three times.

Many have the custom to wash each hand three times and that is the one followed by Rabbi Kaplan. Reply

Matthew Morris University Heights, Ohio May 28, 2006

Video I really enjoyed the video. Thank you.

One question....wash hands with 3 'pours' or 2 prior to dinner? I thought the morning washing consisted of 3 pours and 2 prior to meals.

Thank you. Reply

Aharon Goldstein Ann Arbor, MI May 22, 2006

Washing hands I very much enjoyed your video about the Shabbos table, demostrating all the steps that one does at the shabbos table.

I just would like to add one detail that I did not notice at the point of washing the hands: After one washes their hands, before you dry them, you have to make the bracha "al netilas yadayim" then rub your hands together and then dry them. In the video you missed the step of rubbing the hands. Thanks again for the nice video. Reply

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