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Shabbat Overview

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Shabbat Overview

Our sages tell us: G-d told the heavenly angels: “I have a special treasure called Shabbat, and I will give it to the Jewish people”. For six days we work, and the seventh – Shabbat brings holiness and rest” {Ed. Note: Not filmed on Shabbat}

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William Harris tampa, fl May 14, 2012

DVD Series When will this series be available for purchase? Reply

Jo October 7, 2010

I liked the video it was good, just have one critique, Rabbi Kaplan looked like he was lip sinching.

Anyway just an observation.

have a good shabbos! Reply

Melech chicago, il March 18, 2008

rabbi kaplan Rabbi Kaplan's explanations are amazing! I would love to spend Shabbos with him and his family. Reply

Leslye Hull Modesto, CA July 6, 2007

The Deed: Shabbat Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. I now have a better understanding and appreciation for the Shabbat. Reply

Anonymous August 6, 2006

BEAUTIFULL! Images are too masculine (although babies are gorgeous) More women lighting candles would apeal to a female audience member. Reply

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