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Movement or Meaning?

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Movement or Meaning?

How do we judge the value of time? The majestic institution of Shabbat holds the answer.
Purpose, Shabbat

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רחל Emek Cheffer, Israel October 31, 2014

Excellent B.H. for the שבת. Thanks & שבת שלום. Reply

SP Sydney, Australia October 30, 2014

Thank you Simple. Beautiful. Refreshing..... I will remember this. Reply

Sandra Johnson crown Point, Indiana February 7, 2011

Shabbat Oasis Shabbat is the watering place in the dessert of our lives. We stop to connect with community and loved ones, refill, recharge, and get back in the fight with increased vigor and stamina. Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado February 4, 2011

Movement or Meaning. Thank you for reminding me to always stop on Shabbat. With Blessings. Reply

Sandra Johnson Demotte, IN January 12, 2011

Speed bump Thanks for helping to see that Shabbat is a speed bump .We slowdown and then we see why and where we are going. Reply

millgram CA January 6, 2011

wonderful - more? That was wonderful _ Gems are short, thoughtful -- are there more? Reply

rachel NJ January 6, 2011

post more gems --thnaks wow! Reply

Anonymous la January 6, 2011

Great gems! Please post a lot more! Great gems! Please post a lot more. Reply

Leah Orly Ruiz Lenox, MA January 6, 2011

Shalom Simple and full of light.
Lovely ideas to absorb - Dov Greenberg has successfully instilled some stillness in my day. Reply

Anonymous Bklyn, NY January 6, 2011

INSPIRING ! That was wonderful! He is so enthusiastic, you can read it on his face!
After I read Herman Wouk's "This is My G-d", I decided to keep Shabbos, and it became easy to do pretty quickly, and very rewarding.
I saw a shift in my priorities and from what I gained out of what I was doing and not doing.

Sam Fl January 2, 2011

challenging idea to implement.. Best idea but a challenging idea to implement.. Reply

Anonymous January 2, 2011

Thank You The Gems are short, thought provoking and delivered with sweetness!
Thank you and continued wishes for blessing and success. Reply

chi CA January 2, 2011

Really enjoyed this one Really enjoyed this one. Exquisite presentation. High impact message. Reply

Miss Kayo Kaneko December 18, 2010

Opened my eyes Baruch HaShem

Very insightful and inspiring. I started to see Shabbat in a new way. Thank you. Reply

Moses NJ, NJ December 18, 2010

powerful visual images These Gems are filled with powerful visual images that provoke strong Jewish emotions, todah. Reply

Anonymous LA December 18, 2010

Simply beautiful!!! Simply beautiful!!! Reply

Maxine palm beach gardens, fl via December 18, 2010

wow wow- so simple yet so powerful Reply

Dan NY, NY December 15, 2010

brilliant analogy ! R’ Dov, brilliant analogy with the caterpillars. You hit the nail on the head! Reply

Anonymous December 15, 2010

every minute Yes, Shabbat gives us an island in time for holiness. Is our daily Modeh Ani secondary to Shabbat ? You can take 30 seconds every day and think / meditate on G-d's presence/closeness and Awe/distance or love and fear of Him. Every second of the entity of time should be ingrained with holiness.

This is not to diminish the mitzvot of Shabbos. It is to elevate the other times. Reply

Listen for two minutes. Think about it all day. Brief Torah insights from Rabbi Dov Greenberg.
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