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Jewish Realism

How to Transform Calamity into Triumph

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Jewish Realism: How to Transform Calamity into Triumph

Do you have to be a pessimist to be a realist? Are happy people just in denial? Judaism teaches us how to face our pain and turn it into joy (filmed at Chabad of Santa Fe, NM).
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Pain, Suffering & Tragedy, Struggle, Challenge & Adversity, Joy; Happiness

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Ilan Braun Tour du Parc, France July 31, 2012

jEWISH REALISM Just wonderful! Hapiness was right there and I did not know? Reminds me of some texts from the Torah... We do not (I mean I, too many I's in my life: seeing the tiny missing mosaic) see what is so simple and obvious but wander everywhere as blinded individuals. Thank you so much Rabbi Greenberg for this magnificent presentation of Jewish happiness. All blessings to you. Please excuse my English. Reply

Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York, New York July 31, 2012

Transition Moses was the humblest man in this planet and we all can be too with transition and transformation with our minds of wisdom.

Thank You Reply