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From Kuwaiti Muslim to Jerusalem Jew

Discovering my secret Jewish roots

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From Kuwaiti Muslim to Jerusalem Jew : Discovering my secret Jewish roots

Antisemitism, Jewishness; Jewish Identity

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Kelly McGrew Tampa, FL December 5, 2016

An interesting story, but he is not Kuwaiti An interesting story not unlike many I have heard in my life. Mordechai is not Kuwaiti, though, as only those born of a Kuwaiti father are considered Kuwaiti under their laws. These derive from the Islamic law of paternal desent: anyone born of a Muslim father is a Muslim. In Kuwait, that extends to national identity, too. So should a Kuwaiti woman marry a Saudi man their children will not be Kuwaiti nor--because there is no means of becoming a naturalized citizen--is there any path to naturalization and Kuwaiti citizenship. This is typical throughout the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region.

I lived in Kuwait for three years. My landlord was a Kuwaiti and came to be a good friend--he knew of my Jewishness and neither told anyone nor held it against me. Reply

sunil subba india December 4, 2016

Wonderful journey of coming back home where all the nourishment is to be found. Reply

Brenda Tawil Jerusalem December 4, 2016

A Jew is a Jew I clicked on the video because the title Kuwait Muslim to Jew so antagonized me. The actual story of how a man with a Jewish mother but raised as a Kuwaiti Muslim returned to his people made me cry. May Hashem bless this man with the Torah he began to learn in the womb and with much Jewish nachat. Reply

S U.K. December 3, 2016

Truth and lies When people are raised in untruths, sometimes these being reiterated out of ignorance, the real truth when revealed is so painful, yet a relief and joyous at the same time.

Judaism frees the heart and mind from all this and brings peace to one's life and home. HaShem has dispersed us for a time and calls us back when He is ready. Fortunately, Mark was in the right place at the right time. May HaShem continue to bless all his endeavours. Reply

Denise Bremridge (nee Goldfoot/Goldfuss) Cape Town December 3, 2016

Discovering Judaism and its Egyptian connection In September 1999 I visited Egypt with a group from South Africa.
The highlight and awakening moment came when we were taken to visit the earliest Christian Churches and the BEN EZRA SYNAGOGUE protected within the Roman Fortress walls of the "Fort of Babylon", al-Fustat / Olde Cairo. My journey of discovery of my Jewish wealth of Culture, Tradition, History, Language, TORAH began and it has not yet reached its final chapter.... Reply

Dwight in DC Fairfax, VA, USA December 2, 2016

Discovering Jewish identity I was very moved by your story. I am a b'Nei Anusim, a descendant of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1942. My family wound up in Sicily and Calabria, Italy and became Catholics. I discovered this through DNA testing of some genealogical research. My mitochondria (mother's side) is Jewish. Recently, I am across an Muslim relation with the same mitochondria (H47). He lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I looked up his family. It appears they descend from Yemeni Jews. As and aside, some of my relations moved to the Balkans from Italy and wound up in Western Ukraine. They kept their faith, but some were murdered in Nazi concentration camps. I consider myself Jewish. You either feel it or you don't. Not everyone in the Jewish world would, but I am very secure in my Jewish identity. Now, I need to learn how to live like a Jew, in particular Torah study. Shalom. Reply

Nancee December 2, 2016

Such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing. It moved me to tears Reply

Joseph Florida December 2, 2016

Thank you for sharing. That was a great story. Very impressed with your determination and intellectual honesty. Shabbat shalom my brother. Reply

Anonymous The Netherlands December 2, 2016

Wounderfull and true story Thank you Mark and may have all the Blessings that you wish for with your family. I am also experience the same journey as are having. I am also from Kuwait with jewish heritage and came back to my roots after discovering it.
Thank you for your courage to but this online. Reply

Daniel I Hobart December 2, 2016

your dad how did he feel? just asking ;) Reply

Dr Clari December 2, 2016

Welcome home! May you be blessed with leadership abilities to bring other Jews who have lost their way.
Mazel Tov Reply

Janice Denver December 2, 2016

From Kuwati to Jerusalem We should all be Jewish, learn and do Torah - then shalom in the world. I've also met Jewish people, and agree with all he said. Reply

Anonymous November 29, 2016

May you have continued success in your journey... So so moving. Your story gave me chills
Thank you Reply

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