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How to Have a Great Marriage

Secrets of Domestic Harmony

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How to Have a Great Marriage: Secrets of Domestic Harmony

What are the key elements to maintaining a strong and loving bond with your spouse?
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Marriage, Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony)

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Channie London via April 18, 2016

mega speech Goldie you speak so well. Reply

goldie plotkin thornhill December 16, 2015

answer to your question regarding multiple soul mates:
Please feel free to watch the class on soul mates on from Rabbi Plotkin which I believe will answer your question on Soul Mates. Reply

Diane Albuquerque, NM USA December 16, 2015

I have a question on soul mates and second marriages I watched you and your husband on the video of the five love languages, and wanting more, I found this one.
My first marriage, sadly, since I had a son, end due to physical abuse. I lost custody of my 6yo son as condition to receive a Get.
I remarried 13 years ago, and I believe that he is a soul mate. So many things had to come together for us to even meet that Hashem had to have done it, I realize my first marriage was to bring my son into the world. He is married to his soul mate, & have 3 lovely children.

So, is it really possible that we have more than one soul mates? Could I be right that the first was to create my son who is my only child. I am now 64 & current husband is 72 so no way we'll have children. So, can there be more than one soul mate for a 2nd marriage? Reply

JDV October 22, 2014

Good lecture.. First time I have seen you and I need to learn more! You are funny - You should do spiritual stand up! Reply

Rochele Australia August 21, 2014

Goldie I have listened to this lecture do many times! Often when I want to plug and be inspired. You have certainly changed the face of my marriage:) please keep up your videos. May Hasgem bless you with much shalom in your life and nachas from your children Reply

Denise M. Gorski Cotter, AR May 13, 2014

Thank you! This was a WONDERFUL lecture! Reply

Anonymous May 2, 2013

Thank you!! Mrs. Plotkin, you are so much fun to listen to!! Thank you for this! Reply

Rosie Midland, TX October 16, 2012

OUCH! I really learned so much from this lecture! Thanks Goldi! My 4 children and I spend a lot of time with mitzvot because we recognize our responsibility and honestly have a passion for Tikun Olam. My husband of 15 years is a workaholic and isn't with us most of the time. He is a good man and does what he can when he can. We recently got into an arguement because I was telling him all the things that he could improve on.....ouch! After listening to your lecture, I really need to look at me...ouch again! Thank you for your wonderful insights. Blessings! Reply

Annie :) July 15, 2012

the disposable world You hit the nail on the head Goldie.
Good to hear, again, that we Are a heavily influenced product of our environment.
We do live in a disposable society
But! as Torah Jews we must be reminded OFTEN that what makes us Torah Jews is because of what we kept, keep and will cling to!
Like money, we are wealthy because of what we get to keep, not because of how much we get to spend.
We are rich because of the Torah we kept.
So grateful. Reply

Miriam philadelphia, MS June 4, 2012

Thank you sooo much. I'm not a Jew but I love the wisdom G-d has given you all. I will share this information with married couples I know. Thanks again. Reply

Tami tel aviv May 28, 2012

I'm so glad that I found your list of lectures!! You're wonderful and inspiring, helped me so much! Thanks!
Please add more Goldie videos - thanks!! Reply

Anonymous surrey, BC via May 7, 2012

Yasher Koach Another amazing talk Goldie. May it penetrate the hearts of all who listen. Your friend in BC Reply

Avigayil Gainesville, Florida May 5, 2012

Thanks I'd been married for 29 years, B'H, and I do agreed 100%. Thank you very much. Reply

Anonymous Tokyo, Japan May 5, 2012

Baruch HaShem Thank you for the fundamental perspective we need to have for marriage. I will try to incorporate your teachings in my life and respect the relationship with my soul-mate as incredible Divin gift. Reply

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