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The Differing Approach of Chassidus and Musar

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The Differing Approach of Chassidus and Musar

There are two differing schools of thought in Judaism known as Musar and Chassidus. In this class Rabbi Schapiro contrasts the two approaches in these spiritual disciplines.
Physicality and Spirituality, Positive & Negative, Chassidism

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Holden October 7, 2017

Personally speaking, Mussar is one of the main reasons I want to convert to Judaism. When holy Rabbis are willing to stand up and aren't afraid to tell Am Yisrael what is wrong in the world today, both outside the Jewish community, and inside the Jewish community, it shows me the definition of righteousness. While you make great points on the negatives of the "attack" approach of Mussar, in my experience, the only way Mussar attacks you is if your a very wicked person (granted I am not yet 100 percent observant). Otherwise, it's a helper, and a guide. For the wicked, the best approach may be to show only the positives, I agree with that. However the righteous, or those who seek righteousness need Mussar. I believe by mixing the two according to each individual is the best way to get through to people, but that is my opinion. Nonetheless, thank you for the explanation of the differences. Reply

tina Miller Hereford Penna. May 29, 2017

brilliant insights, so wonderfully expressed. I enjoy your passion very much, Thank you Rabbi Reply