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Your Other Half or Other Whole

A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage

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Your Other Half or Other Whole: A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage

How two people can come together to create a new entity while remaining individuals.
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Yeshayah Tucson, Az September 1, 2012

Thank you This story helped us cry thank you for sharing your hokmah and love.
I will reshare your message. Reply

lorenzo arima, trinidad and tobago September 20, 2011

i am really interested in hearing more Reply

Anonymous Merion Station, Pennsylvania June 9, 2011

Image of Jewish Heart If you look at the following article you will see a picture of the image I am speaking of, enjoy! It is called "The Jewish Heart" and can be found on Reply

Anonymous June 9, 2011

the jewish heart I have been curious as to what the "jewish heart" looks like because it sounded like you showed it live, during the presentation, but since Im only listening, what does it actually look like. Reply

Anonymous New York, NY October 27, 2010

Very helpful lecture Thanks so much! You are a great speaker and I would love to hear more! Reply

John Israel Robinson Belfast, UK July 8, 2009

being whole Hi, Sara Ester, I like you have several children, and would like to ask you to pause and think, Be fruitful and multiply, many people from large families were the 7TH to the 11 TH of the family, my brother who is the tenth, and sisters ,who are twins the 8TH and 9TH, of 10 children are very wonderful people with much G-dly purpose and encouragment, the month before I was 2, my mum had my youngest bother, that was 5 under 3 Oop's G-d is G-d and we are not and family planning is not too Scriptural, infact it is forbidden in scripture as you well know , Baby Boomer Procreation is specificly , reproduce children, please don't insult me with your jargen, of paralelling procreation with the joy and plesure of encouraging others to embrace and develope in Spiritual maturity into the G-d given talents, I dare you to post this in your coments. Reply

Esther Brooklyn, NY January 2, 2007

so refreshing to listen to This was the first time I heard Sara Esther speak. I really enjoyed listening to both of the audio clips you have The lecture was so refreshing and inspiring to listen to as I folded my laundry after a long day.

Her voice is pleasant to listen to. The information is presented in a clear, concise, down to earth and yet uplifting manner... Reply

yo October 19, 2006

physical needs physical needs were not discussed. Reply

Anonymous Houston, TX June 17, 2006

This was a wonderful lecture with many insights. Thank you for opening up this line of thought. The idea of contacting each other during the middle of the day was interesting. We have always 'touched base' in the middle of the day. Even when he is out of town on business we talk three times a day. It is one of those things we just have always done. Also, could you please place a picture on the site of the 'Jewish Heart'? Thank you for sharing your insight. Reply

Joshua Miami, Fl May 8, 2011

Correction The Torah ends with the words L'einei Kol Yisroel... Not B'einei Kol Yisroel Reply

bob May 5, 2011

How do I send to a friend? Reply

Raizy NC May 4, 2011

thank you so much for your class. Reply

Sara Esther Crispe Merion Station, Pennsylvania May 4, 2011

Where to give! Thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated! Chany, and all others, if you are looking for a place to give, my dear friend Dalia lost her husband right after Pesach. She has four small boys, ages 6, 3.5, 2, and 4 months. They need all the help they can get! Here is a site to help them:

May we only hear good news! Reply

Chany Klein NY May 3, 2011

Motivated and Inspired to Give The first thing I thought about when I heard your speech was "Who I can give to." But before I did that I wanted to take the time out and "give feedback" and say that you have extraordinary power to motivate and inspire your listeners. Thank You! Reply

Alizah Hochstead Efrat, Israel May 3, 2011

Giving and Receiving If you are ever in Israel love to have you come and speak here in Efrat. It was a great class Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, NY May 2, 2011

your so amazing! I love listening to you! thank you so much for your class Reply

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