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Are You in Control?

A Practical Workshop for Jewish Prison Chaplains

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Are You in Control?: A Practical Workshop for Jewish Prison Chaplains

Jewish educator, Rabbi Shmuly Rothman, speaks with prison chaplains about how to maintain self-control in all situations and not be manipulated by others.
Self Control; Self Conquest, Prison; Imprisonment

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Jacob aka TOPekaststiuniti July 6, 2021

Joseph, became in control of all except King. Reply

Anonymous March 27, 2015

Power to rule. I read in Genesis: Mankind was delegated the power to rule over animals, fish, birds and ground. The heavens belongs to Gd. Then: What about the power to rule over our fellow man? And what about our selves? Are individuals capable to rule their own bodies? Reading the story of Cain, it seems like we at least was given control over our own evil inclination, that is, if we lift up our eyes! If this understanding is correct, then: 1) No one should "blame" Gd for the sufferings on our planet. The hole planet is OUR challenge! 2)Maybe we, as individuals, loose fights against evil thoughts and destructive desires, if we stop thanking and praising the One(lifting our eyes) who gave us all we ve got ? And maybe the only medicine to change and get our positive power back, is to learn to lift up our eyes, to remember and to be thankfull to the Creator? Truly we need a mercyfull Gd, and truly we need bold believers like them in to teach and give inspiration in lifes struggles! Thanks! Reply

Anonymous Canada November 12, 2013

Very well put.... Powerful stuff...much appreciated. Reply

Rochelle United States November 15, 2012


adriano blanc jaú, brazil September 25, 2011

Comment it is very good Reply