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How to Be a Bold Jew

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How to Be a Bold Jew

A Jew must live boldly. We can either continue seeking acceptance from others, or begin accepting ourselves. To accept oneself is to live boldly. This boldness should not be with anger or with arrogance, but simply standing firmly in the place G-d has set out for us.
Courage, Jewish Pride, Jewishness; Jewish Identity

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Anonymous Surrey January 31, 2019

Your talk is so powerful and inspiring and presented so clearly. I hope you do not mind if I share some of it in my class. Reply

Ursula Ljungqvist Denmark November 16, 2018

Thank you for a very courageous and deep lesson, rabbi Weinstein. Reply

Susan Hirshorn Montreal and Boca Raton October 1, 2017

Thank you for an inspiring talk. I posted this on a Facebook page about fighting anti-Semitism after it became clear that some members felt it was better to "go along" with their Christian friends than to stand up for themselves as Jews. G-d willing, your words will reach some of them. Reply

Nancy Weiner South Carolina November 8, 2015

Thank you! Reply

Jeffrey USA November 5, 2015

Question are the garments of a religious jew who he is?
you make mention of walking in a black hat, for example.
at the same time you say be who you are from the inside?
why do i need to walk around with a black hat to show that I am a religious jew?
isn't a regular kippah enough?
if everything comes from inside, why do we have to "dress up" so much?
Also, ins't true that a lot of hassidic garb comes from imitating noblemen in Russia? Reply

Anonymous Toronto November 2, 2015

Incredible and Inspiring Rabbi Weinstein,

I have not watched a video of yours for quite some time but I am always very impressed when I do!
Yasher koach! Reply

Daniel Pinus Thailand November 1, 2015

Proud to be Jewish B-H
Dear Rabbi Weinstein, you are so right.
When we start to hide our identity anti Semitism is on the rise.

Even here in Pattaya, Thailand surrounded by thousands of non Jews and a big Arab communities . I can proudly walk in the streets with my kippah on and not hiding my Tzitzit without getting any problems. Reply

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