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Days of Guilt or Days of Love?

Preparing Ourselves Spiritually for the High Holidays

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Days of Guilt or Days of Love?: Preparing Ourselves Spiritually for the High Holidays

We are all familiar with the themes of regret, repentance and confession associated with this time of year, yet there’s a more integral element we must first embrace if we want these days to truly be meaningful. (Filmed at Aventura Chabad in Miami, Florida in 2015)
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Confession of Sins, Teshuvah, High Holidays

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Yitzchak G September 25, 2017

looking for rabbi chaim weintraub you are mentioning but cant find anyone with this name on google, is it posibble a diferent name? Reply

Anonymous October 2, 2016

Wowow! This is an amazing lesson! Thank you rabbi jacobson for teaching me so many profound lessons again and again! Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ September 11, 2015

Days of Guilt or Days of Love Amazing Rabbi Jacobson! Thank you for this teaching. It have given me a blessing because I realize that I too have been pregnant. Feelings of guilt, selfness, lack of compasion for my self. Not realizing who, what I am or what I could do glorify G-d with my life. My family is not a believer of the Jewish faith, althoug my ancestrors were Sephardic Jews lost since the inquisition in Spain. My grandparents, from both parents were from Spain and Jews. But I thank Hashem, blessed is He, because I been learning from the Chabad Rabbis. May He bless eternally for your teachings. lack Heim and Shana Toba. B"H Next year in Yerusalem! Reply

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