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Seven Kabbalistic Steps to Highly Effective Parenting

Torah Guidance on Educating Your Child

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Effective Parenting: Torah Guidance on Educating Your Child

Educating one’s child is the focal point of being a mother or father. Learn how the Torah guides us in this most rewarding yet incredibly difficult task.
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odel dor sachs Israel August 10, 2014

Really delight to learn from you. Your knowledge this just treasure. Only too bad that not more new lessons :/ Reply

Janice Lewis Toronto August 2, 2014

Motherhood I felt so blessed to be a Mother, let alone a Grandmother at an early age, I Love Motherhood there have been some tough times that are beyond any natural occurance, but listening to your teachings I feel that perhaps I can get through it and my children, thank-you for your positive teachings
Shalom, Reply

Ellenstine Van Dyke Olathe, kansas,usa March 8, 2010

I am a stay at home mother with two toddler children. It has been challenging raising and disiplining both. I want you to know that I have tried everything! and I have consulted a lot of different resources, But this lecture has been THE MOST informative, straight forward lecture about parenting that I have ever heard. thank you for teaching me to look into myself and into my children before saying yes or no. (I say no alot) from here on I vow to not be a 'lazy' disiplinary. thank you for the instruction. Your daughter is right, you are very good at what you do and you are truly meant for the work you do. Be ever so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Adina Adry, Crown Heights NY brooklyn, ny October 15, 2009

Clarity Thanks Sarah Esther for firstly simplifying a book that requires more focus than what I have been able to muster to date! And secondly for the real life examples that gave the inspiration the integration! It leaves one with a deeper sense of clarity and grasp. Reply

Jason Goldstein Baltimore August 24, 2009

Grandparents are not Kosher My almost 4 year old just got back from visiting my dad and step mom who are not kosher. (He came with me and they got kosher food for the visit.) He has very upset that Grandpa is not kosher. What do I say? I can't explain how he grew up Orthodox then dumped it as a teenager and now I came back-its too complicated. Any suggestions? He is starting to learn what is kosher and what is not and kept asking my dad “Is that kosher, is that dairy?” etc…. :) Reply

sofi May 8, 2009

I wish I would've known some of this teachings as I raised my four children ...
Be blessed!!! Reply

Rifka Kaplan-Peck May 7, 2009

parenting i really enjoyed the class! from the very beginning to the end Sarah Esther shows a realistic and inspiring way to approach ourselves in parenting our children. Sarah Esther is bravely sharing the heart and the road of empathetic and effective parenting. thank you! Reply

roni May 6, 2009

listen to your kid The class was very informative. I think the mom teaching it could help herself more by listening to what her 9 year old really said: she may feel neglected; maybe. maybe i'm wrong!

You are so blessed to have kids. Your time with them is infinitely more important than any teaching. Reply

Esther brooklyn, ny May 3, 2009

thanks! I really liked the parenting class, and look foward to more! Reply

Sarah Z May 3, 2009

Fantastic!!! I loved every minute of this class. I honestly didn't think I would have the attention span to get through a whole hour - but I was absolutely captivated from the beginning. Sara Esther, after years of "reading you" it was such a pleasure to watch you. Your material was so relevant, and your honesty is so refreshing and relatable. You are beautiful on the page and even more beautiful on the screen. Thank you so much - That was a big boost to my mothering. Looking forward to seeing more of you! Blessings. Reply