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How to Get Over Yourself

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How to Get Over Yourself

What makes a narcissist? Explore how arrogance and ego is the bane of life and the source of all our conflict, and uncover the formula to reach beyond self.
Ego & Selfhood

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zohar May 19, 2019

Thank you for your thoughtful commentary.
I will listen to this more. Reply

anonymous via January 28, 2019

A culmination of events in my life and 14 minutes into your video has made me realize I have to stop judging others because I don't know the bigger picture.

Several years ago after moving I was thinking why aren't people at this location trying harder to eat kosher. I sat down in front of another teacher at lunch, thinking ugh again. Then I thought 'why am I giving everyone such a hard time about what their eating' and I realized it was me! I hadn't been eating kosher.
The teacher didn't say or think anything but her presence brought me awareness. Reply

Marc USA January 24, 2019

ARROGANCE Humility is such an important thing, so scarce in our society today. Most of us(myself included, even though I try not to) are so caught up with our position in society, our status, our social class, as if those things define us, which they don't, really. Moreover, arrogant people are insistent that others acknowledge those things in them, and then turn against them when they cut them down to size. This is a very important lesson for all of us to learn. But I think that for some people, their ego is so strong that it might not be possible for them to change-its just part of their nature. Great video though. Reply

Cornelia Japan January 22, 2019

Thank you so much. This really helped me. Reply

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