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Varieties of Jewish Mystical Experiences

A Text-Based Study

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Varieties of Jewish Mystical Experiences: A Text-Based Study

Excerpts from various mystical texts illustrate how different kinds of ecstatic spiritual experiences may be attained including "death of the ego" and "union with G-d."
Jewish Mystical Experiences  
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Ego & Selfhood, Merkavah, Meditation, Chassidism, Mysticism

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Shalom April 11, 2021

Do you have any more lectures on this topic?

I have a question about the differing perspectives spoken of in this lecture. which one is True? Why are there such different viewpoints? Reply

Anonymous USA June 29, 2013

Varieities Of Jewish Mystical Experiences I have had many spiritual experiences since childhood. And now that I observe Judaism, even more. Guessing from your video it would be a good idea if I study Kabbalah. There are some people in my life who have tried to use me for their own purposes. But I trust that this is a special gift given by the Almighty G-d. He choses who to give these special gifts. And, I believe, it should be gift to serve Hashem, blessed be He, to form a special relationship with Him. For those who tried to use/steal somebody else's gift is evil. But I also believe they will be punished one way or another. Thank you for enlightening me on the subject. My purpose is to serve G-d with all my heart and soul. And it will be accomplished, because He made it possible for His own purpose. This knowledge is a very humbling experience. Reply

Anonymous boynon beach, florida February 23, 2012

thankyou great stuff, Reply

Anna Cortez(Nee Kotrys) Lanark, Scotland August 28, 2011

Connecting G-d Through Prayer Thank-you for this wonderful explicit lecture..I can connect with the chambers Many years ago when I was seeking out what/who G-d was.. I was taken through various doors Spiritually into different chambers..the last one could only hold me and 'G-d's spoke through me fron my feet through my whole being saying that 'I' myself was part of that oneness you mention 'G-d'...I spoke to G-d for years before encountering Judaism 'by acident' which was the ony Religious Practice I hadn't was who whowed me 'the way' and indeed that G-d had been showing me what they speak of...i.e.The Rabbis..when each of you speak I feel G-d presence but have never encountered this with nay other eBook will be enhanced by this knowledge as it indeed speaks of the oneness and contains the Menorah which G-d showed me an an answer to what I should do.. still learning like a child and feel humbled..emailed this tonight to South African friend and Tweeted your video! ..thanks! Reply


(1) Could the seals mean = Authority. In the ancient days the seals gave one access, like a signet ring. 2 Gold Bracelets. ACCESS TO THE DIVINE.
(2) There are various chambers in the physical Temple, these chambers are also inside our souls/temples ), revealing what is truely inside of us to ascertain if we are fit for further encounters with the Divine Presence? In TaNaKh The Temple is measured in various pesukim.
(3) Our texts mention that The Merkava ( chariot ) is personified. Could it be that the allegory starts with a physical Merkava but WE end up being The Chariot of G_D. ?
(4) I believe HaShem wants us to cleave and cling to HIM, Devekut & kavanah are pre-requisits to spiritual ascension.
(5) I have experienced much elevation via prayer, the Ketoret is intense communication with G_D and is necessary for ascension. The Ketoret is the most desired sacrifice by HaShem.
(6) Many Jews are currently ascending Reply

Catherine NY, NY August 18, 2011

Bahir and Sefer Yetsirah I have read both books and feel as though you have correctly placed the difference upon man's early ability to contact G-d and current man's ability to contact G-d. Prayer is indeed the only way. The understanding of the techniques is very interesting and makes one aware of the intense desire of the early Jews to attain holiness, knowledge and understanding. It seemed kind of scary to read about the gates and angels guarding them and the correct password, or else! Today with the right intention, (Nothing exists but God) we are able to make that journey attainable to all in a way that won't be threatening, only welcoming. Very informative, Rabbi. Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl August 17, 2011

thank you i wish you were around 20 years ago to explain the process but then my journey would have not been as it should. hopefully others will understand and provide a smoother path. Reply

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