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The Nature of Separation

Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 2

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The Nature of Separation : Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 2

Using Adam's creation as a model, the nature of the conscious ego's sense of separation from G-d and others is examined.
The Nature of Separation  
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Loneliness; Isolation, Ego & Selfhood

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Sarah January 30, 2016

Does this apply to Jews and Non Jews When talking about being in a lower plane where not speaking to another person while in conflict as if they do not exist, and to try to keep the lines of communication open, does this mean between Jews? What about if it's between someone Jewish and not Jewish? If someone who is not Jewish does not learn or observe these types of teachings, then how can the lines of communication remain open? Reply

Lynne Newington Australia May 29, 2021
in response to Sarah:

Good question......the problem is it's easier to just touch the surface then shoot from the mouth.
It takes an open mind, time, effort and dedication to do otherwise, lacking in society theses days. Reply

jasper garcia grand prairie, texas October 10, 2010

seperation does G-D have every thing that he wants? Is G-D separated from every thing that he wants? Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan October 5, 2010

Very inspiring and practical Great education. As all Chabad philosophy, it is philosophical, yet very practical. This class solved my problem about how to relate with others. Reply

Juanita Flennrory Birmingham, Al / US October 5, 2010

the two sages : the reed and the cedar tree I think the story of the sages was one of the most profound stories I have heard short but very profound I was almost in tears very enlightening. I also love the parable of the reed and the cedar tree. Both of he stores are something to meditate on and live by. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. Shalome Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl October 4, 2010

thank you thank you so much for the analogy. i must admit that i am personally one who has lived in solitary due to family issues and an overall trust in humanity. i see a path to communicate more with the human species and you have given me a good start to the new year. thank you Reply

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