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A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Survival and Faith

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A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Survival and Faith

Rabbi Nissen Mangel addresses 700 students at Colorado State University sharing his first-hand experiences in the Nazi death camps and a message of strong Jewish pride.
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Eugene DeBartolo April 26, 2017

My words can never express the sorrow I feel for you and your people. . . Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ March 13, 2016

A Holocaust Survivor All I can say after listening to this story, and this is not the only one I have read and listen to, is no more! There should never be another holocaust. We should not allow this things to happen anymore ever again! We have the right to exist like the rest of the world. United we stand, but divided we fall! These stories should serve as a reminder, a wake-up call. These atrocities were committed by mentally ill, demons, who are still running around in this world. There is still hatred in the hearts of some who have no concept of humanity, love, compassion or a Living G-d, for that matter. This is all that comes to my mind from such horrendous circumstances. These horrific happenings are the consequences of envy, jealousy, and irrational hatred. These situations should never be allowed to happen again. Reply

Daniel Minneapolis July 26, 2015

Amazing story of survival, Bless you. I can't imagine what you have all been through, and what you saw happen to so many others. Thanks for telling the story. Reply

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