Hi, I’m Pharaoh and I’m an Addict

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Hi, I'm Pharaoh and I'm an Addict

I’m Pharaoh. I’m an ego addict. But then, there isn’t a human being on this planet that doesn’t feel deep inside that, “Hey, I’m the only thing that really exists!”
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Anonymous October 15, 2017

Ego vs. self esteem I am sorry to disappoint everyone but i don't think there is actually a person without ego. What about self esteem? I'm confused if they are two separate things or not. Please help me,
anonymous. Reply

Tzvi Freeman October 22, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Just for you, we have several articles on this topic. Just look beneath the article for "You may also be interested in …"

"What Is Ego—and is it kosher to keep just a little bit?" is one place to start. Reply

Reuven Israel January 15, 2016

I'm wondering -in connection with something written by our friend ( from L.A)below, if the Rabbi could write something to teach us, how we can live without an ego. What is the "fórmula" for developing such exquisite Humbleness - such as yours?? Reply

Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax - Addictions Counselor Toronto January 10, 2016

12 Steps and Torah The 12 step program is a good distilled version of the Rambams Hilchos Tshuva . It is a good place for many to begin a spiritual journey (of monotheism) and for some , a place to return to the basics. However, although the program is effective (as our gift of tshuva) to the non Jewish world, a Jewish nishama requires the spiritual connection found with the learning and living of the 613 of Torah. The Jewish nishama needs the spiritual fuel of Torah to for a good and complete Tshuva. It is then that a person moves beyond the constraints (mitzrayim ) of addicition of substance and begins to deal with the transformation of character (midos). Reply

Counselorchick Pacific Palisades July 9, 2014

Sorry. Wrong. Dangerously Wrong. To Anonymous in Canada.

Nope. These are the cult religion mantras of AA -- lies. All lies. More research is needed on your part. Everything you say is anecdotal and not in the least bit evidence based. A dangerous cult religion has no place in a true religion based on centuries of traditions, commandments and laws. The Oxford Group is a cult religion from which Wilson (guru of AA) plagiarized his 12 steps. People with an alcohol/drug disorder (it is certainly not a disease!) are not some special sub-group in need of ego deflation. In fact, the exact opposite is true. They need empowerment -- something not possible in the dangerous cult religion commonly known as the 12 steps where one is required to label oneself with nothing but negative affirmations.

Start with Gabrielle Glaser's recent article in the New York Times. You are completely wrong. 12 step cults do not work, never have and never will.


Anonymous Canada July 7, 2014

To Counselorchick Knowing that only a Power greater than oneself, G-d is more powerful than our addiction and can grant us freedom from its hold (step 2), and we, meaning, that ego driven person that got us to where we are now, is, as evidenced by the addiction, is clearly powerless to control the addiction (step 1) are the foundations that have allowed addicts to be sober and free. This is not helplessness; it is reaching for the G-d power latent in us all. The proof is in the pudding. For almost 100 years, all over the world, 100's of 1,000's have found sobriety with these principals. Reading the history of AA clearly tells how every effort was made do extract every aspect related to any specific religion, in particular, that of the Oxford Group. And, those who work the steps discover that they are far, far more egocentric than they, or others who don't thus introspect, would fathom. The great gift they discover comes by way of diminishing their ego. Reply

Counselorchick Pacific Palisades, CA June 6, 2014

The Problem The problem with this philosophy is this: the vast majority of people with an addiction disorder (it is NOT a 'disease' but a compulsion, big difference) are not egomaniacal. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Most people minimize heir innate power and use substances to numb their feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. Teaching 'powerlessness' when human beings are powerful beyond measure only makes people less able to help themselves. Teaching people they have some 'disease' only makes them a victim rather than a person with many choices, and immeasurable power.

Empowerment is the way to recovery ... Not learned helplessness.

In addition, all this comes directly from the fundamental Christian Oxford Group where the inventor of 12 step cult religions plagiarized his '12 steps.' Chabad should really do their homework. 12 step groups are religions disguised as medicine. Dis-empowering, cognitive-damaging, stuck forever with a fake disease medicine. Reply

Anonymous Muffin Oven, Kitchen June 10, 2021
in response to Counselorchick:

The Problem
The problem with what you're saying is that there is Someone who always knows exactly what to do, because He never makes mistakes. Show some faith in the decision of the Creator, please. I understand you want to help, without even thinking about this. I'm not trying to accuse you, but to strengthen your faith in The Holy One, Blessed Be He. Reply

Reuven Green Israel April 12, 2014

To Yaakov Mark Yaakov, the very Pious Men have the ability to reach very low -in spite of their piousness- and to "see" clearly into the lower realms and reality of us more -frail humans. Reply

Anonymous Providence April 10, 2014

Loved It I wanted to say that this is well written and I loved it. So does my son. Reply

Yaakov Mark Los angeles April 6, 2014

Tzvi your the best How does someone like you with no ego, come up with such great work. This is the best recovery video ever!! Reply

Liz Marietta, GA April 4, 2014

Terrific! Helps to convey that addiction is not only about substances, but also thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that keep us stuck, imprisoned from living our full lives. Love it! Reply

TR San Francisco April 4, 2014

Tzvi Freeman hits the gold again This is wonderful, fantastic message and extremely well written. Filmed and animation by some incredible folks. I just really appreciated this film. Reply

Mosihe Tennessee April 3, 2014

Creative Work Well done. Thank you Tzvi. Ego and the Matzoh. Both need to be flattened. Reply

Benyamin Bresinger montreal April 3, 2014

Brilliant Tzvi ,
As a shliach whose Chabad House mission is caring for the addict and co-dependant I am thrilled at what you created . The video is unbelievable , it captures the problem and solution of co dependency in a entertaining and substantial way .

chabadlifeline.com Reply

Tzvi Freeman April 3, 2014

For Marriane re: men vs. women Interesting: When man was created, there was only one of him. When woman came on the scene, there was already an other. Maybe we have very different modes of consciousness in this regard. An interesting field for research. Reply

Golda Yehudis Golus very near Geulah April 3, 2014

Terrific idea conveyed in a very creative manner..Tzvi F strikes again...Yosher Koach! Thank you. Reply

YH April 2, 2014

good job I emailed the link and

My father wrote, "Wow! Very good." which is high praise from him.

My friend wrote, "HOW DID YOU KNOW I'D LOVE THIS??" Reply

marianne Netherlands April 2, 2014

May be it is the masculine that often thinks that he's the all himself?;-) To me it is for sure not the I from the ego that I feel deep inside as my center, and I certainly am aware of the fact that we are here with milliards, all human, all feeling they exist..as a part of creation..

But than, does the Farao say at the end: "sea kelp"? As if that is the remedy? 😊 Sea kelp has iodium and potash in it, fertilizer.. in a spiritual sense may be too? Made me think that it was once a pair: Potash and Mother-of-Pearl...

On 2nd thought I presume the Farao (seemed little nasty despote?) says: Seek Help. But after all may be the help hides in the Sea kelp.
Wisdom from the Sea.. that is womb of the iodium, the potash, the pearl. Reply

LH Brooklyn April 1, 2014

Scary & Funny Of course people like that exist-scary. But the presentation was funny-10 Step program. Reply

Lisa Long Beach, CA March 31, 2014

great toons Isn't this the most clever of toons! Never mind the kiddies, I definitely needed to see this. Very good work indeed! Thank for the enlightenment along with the entertainment. Reply

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