Hey, it's true. It really is a time and space warp device. Take a look at what the Torah says:

"You should dwell in sukkot for seven days. Every member of the Jewish People shall dwell in sukkot…"

The sages of the Talmud commented on this: "All the Jewish People can fit into one Sukkah." This is the inner meaning of what they meant—that, in a certain inner reality, al the Jewish People are in one Sukkah. So every single Jew is there in every Sukkah. Because really it's one single sukkah, just with many different doors in different spacial and temporal locations.

This makes more sense once you understand that the greenery covering the Sukkah (they call that schach--hard to pronounce, easier to get hold of) is an extension of the Encompassing Light. That's the energy field that isifies the universe into isness at each moment. Generally, it remains way beyond our perception, but for Sukkot, as a result of the shofar blowing and all the prayers and fasting, it makes a cameo appearance in our lives as that green stuff up above our heads.

When we take the lulav and etrog into the Sukkah and do the "shake it up Zaidy" thing, we draw that Encompassing Light inward into ourselves as well.

So since this is an all-encompassing energy, it obviously transcends the time-space continuum. And we're sitting inside it. Like they used to say when I was much younger, wow, what a trip!