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Master Mind

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Master Mind

The sages teach that the mind, by its very nature, has the ability to master the heart...
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Mind over Heart, Supremacy of, Tanya

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Anonymous January 18, 2012

MASTER MIND Excellent! A new concept for me.What a relief and it makes sense. I can apply this to my life. i can do this.
thank yuou so much for this lesson. Reply

daniel bortz October 13, 2008

the Heart Many cases of heart transplants (through the recipient feeling NEW desires to different things) shows that perhaps the heart IS the seat of emotions. Chassidus was right allll along... :) Reply

Angela Bronstein NY, NY October 11, 2008

Physical creatures bringing Holiness to the world wow the last part about being a G-dly being simply because you have the humanistic quality of a struggle between your heart and your mind was very beautifully explained. this no longer makes me feel uncomfortable about having a conflict within i feel as if i am "normal" and it is the way G-d has sought to create man in his abundant kindness.... B"H, but the fact that we are constantly trying to achieve this "homeostasis" and maintain a balance between the heart and mind, a seemingly impossible thing is what truly makes us holy, and all the more capable to be receptacles to bring further holiness to this seemingly dark and unholy world. Thank you so much for this enlightening interview! Reply

Ginger Betzer Olathe, Kansas August 31, 2008

the "heart" While I enjoyed this lecture very much and agree with the concept of separation of mind and heart, I must point out that the "heart" ie: physical organ is NOT the seat of emotion, but only a representation of feelings that are generated by chemicals in the brain. So, while much of what you say has applicable truth, the connection between "heart" as emotion, and mind, is much closer than described. Reply

Melody Masha Pierson Montreal, Canada August 13, 2008

Heart of the Matter? Though I am pretty much of a romantic, usually listening to my heart maybe too often; I think, seriously, the emotions are created in the mind and the concept of the "heart" is just a concept that the feelings reside in that organ...

Therefore, the heart of the matter IS in the mind...

Just a thought... Reply

Anonymous June 13, 2008

Rebbe Rashab's Wisdom I once read this saying of Rebbe Rashab, that helped me much, which was like:
"The mind has to educate the heart what it should desire and what not" To have desires for sth. is very necessary in life to get the energy and motivation to act, actually to experience the being alive,to feel a life force or sense in life. But also the mind has to be educated according to which principles it should educate the heart, And here is the place of the Mitzvot and the free will. If you live the Mitzvot your mind knows what and how to educate the heart. And the heart can than rule over the influences of our lowest self,the animal soul,sitting in the liver.Liver and Heart are fully close to each other,that's why the heart needs the educated mind to strengthen it in the battle against the too selfish and destrutive desires of the Liver. If mind rules heart and heart rules liver,than we can manifest the Kingdom of the One.This application of our free will is a kingly gift from above!how wondrous! Reply

Pablo April 5, 2008

thank you Conflict transformation between Heart and Mind through jewish mystical conversation.
What a pleasure

thank you Rb Tzvi Freeman Reply

JJ Essex, UK March 8, 2008

suggestion I think the questioning guy should just hush it a little bit. It is much nicer with just hearing the wisdom, not benign questions. Reply

Miriam Szerer hollywood, fl March 4, 2008

Amazing I am very impressed and and proud of Chabad and feel infinetely grateful to be able to see this amazing videos. Keep it up.
Thank you, Reply

rachel March 2, 2008

very necessary Thank you for making this available. It is so important to understand "how to" apply the deep and very necessary teachings of Chassidus. Reply

Yitzhak Houston, TX February 29, 2008

Superb! Keep it up, very nice work. This, KabbalahToons - masterpieces! Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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