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The Judaism of the Non-Religious Jew

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Judaism of the Non-Religious Jew

For the mitzvah which I command you this day, it is not hidden from you, neither is it far off… Rather, the thing is very near to you, in your mouth, and in your heart, that you may do it.
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Anonymous USA August 6, 2013

I suppose that being unreligious is not the same as being unbelieving. The Non-religious person could be non-religious but not a non-believer. And vise versa.Therefore, when the point of no return comes, then those who have converted to other religion, who became idolaters, what made them convert? Does that mean that they were not believers? If one does not believe one thing or the other they don't care. Being "Jewish" is being a believer in G-d, isn't it? Or is it being Jewish is being a part of a culture with many traditions, and rituals? I belief with all my heart that being a Jew is not only a tradition, but loving the G-d of our Patriarchs, and Matriarchs. Because G-d chose them to be His servants, and that is what they want to do. Am I right? This brilliant man, Rabbi Schochet, amazed me. He was a true believer in the essence of G-d. He was not just a "Jew," he was a true believer. May his memory be kept alive. Reply

Anonymous Midway City, CA October 21, 2012

Too many interruptions Would have been better if the interviewer hadn't interrupted Rabbi Immanuel Schoche so much. If you're going to interview someone, let him talk! Reply

lisanoor Dallas, TX October 28, 2009

R. Schochet Such a brilliant mind. I'm so glad he is one of us and on our side. Reply

Anonymous l.a. August 21, 2009

good point anonymous from brooklyn! Reply

deb hou, tx July 24, 2009

Such a calm voice and mellow interaction in the midst of questioning everything...perfect learning atmosphere. The video's accessibility when at the moment of need makes it a totally useful and used lesson Thank you much Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny September 18, 2008

judaism and the non- religious jew i think a more apt title for this clip would be judaism and the jew who has left torah willfully, and/or because of temptations.

to define the jew who was raised without torah, as a sinner is simply untrue. he is a "tinok shenishba", he does not folllow torah because he has no knowledge of it, and may be very connected to g-d through interpersonal mitzvot, like charity, for example. this is the judaism that he was taught. there is no willfulness or rebellion against torah here.
if i were an non-torah observant jew, i think i would take umbrage with some of the "ung-dly" labels this interview Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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