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Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at Chabad.org, is also author of several books, including Wisdom to Heal the Earth. He writes Chabad.org's highly popular Daily Dose of Wisdom. Rabbi Freeman served for five years as mashpia of the West Coast Rabbinic Seminary in Los Angeles, and currently resides in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing with the Freeman Files subscription.
The Absurdity of a Quarantined Simchat Torah
And now we arrive at the point where Jewish practice attains the apex of a rich and beautiful theater of the absurd. This Simchat Torah, a Jew will take a book off the shelf, kiss it, dance with it, jump, twirl and holler with it. Alone. Rabbi Adin Even-I...
1. Wake Up and Celebrate! —​Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov On Sukkot, the Baal Shem Tov would exclaim, “Where is the celebration? Every Sukkot, in the Temple, they would celebrate for seven days, non-stop. Rabban Gamliel would juggle torches, and their eyes ...
Perhaps atheists and believers have more in common than they imagine.
I’ve got this friend Jack, and one day he asked me if I really pray. “It happens sometimes,” I said. “How about you?” “I don’t believe in G‑d,” Jack replied. “I’m an atheist. But I pray sometimes. Lately, more often.” My mind went through a thousand comeb...
How this day is the first day of everything that ever was.
Rosh Hashanah is about time. The liturgy, as illuminated in Chabad literature, challenges our intuitive notions of time’s sequential nature, of cause and effect, and particularly of the relationship of the moment we call “now” with all that came before it...
An overview of fundamental Jewish beliefs concerning reward and the afterlife
Jewish Belief and Heaven Yes, Jews believe in an afterlife in a world beyond the one you’re currently living in—sometimes referred to as “heaven.” A rich tradition informs us that there is a sequel to this life that makes sense of everything you’re going ...
A preparation for prayer; a consciousness of a great presence.
For the Rebbe’s yarhtzeit, we study the last booklet he handed us to learn.
Thoughts for the Yahrzeit of the Rebbe
Rabbi Judah, the Rebbe in his time of all Israel, as he passed from life confined within a body to liberation from all physical bonds —as he began to attain higher and yet incomparably higher states of being, for “the righteous have no rest, not in this w...
Suddenly, people are talking about the sanctity of life. What does that mean?
Many people want to talk to G-d these days. What if you’re not sure He exists?
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