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How Tanya Impacted Me


How Tanya Impacted Me

A panel discussion on how studying the foundational book of Chabad teachings has contributed tremendously in their personal spiritual development as Jews. Panelists: Mr. George Rohr, Professor Ran Kivetz, and Dr. Tzipi Glick; moderated by Mrs. Baila Olidort. (From an event celebrating the 19th of Kislev at Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan)
Celebrating the 19th of Kislev at Kehilath Jeshurun

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S UK December 2, 2018

Looking for a word in Hebrew, I discovered Chabad, Chumash with Rashi and Tanya. Speaking only English the first year was a challenge, however, with a cheerful tenacity eventually matters being discussed became a familiar part of my daily being.

Tanya is unique, in that, Tanya communicates with ones soul. Something's in Tanya we feel we understand, but the soul understands more than our finite human capacity. Students of Tanya are drawn to HaShem via the Rebbe's written essence. Rather like a mitzvah, often we do not humanly understand the reason, the soul fully understand and with spiritual development we may be blessed with a glimpse into the world to come.

These teachings are life changing, for the purpose of enhancing humanity. Chabad, uniquely opens up these blessing to the world. Todah. Reply

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