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The Physical World According to the Alter Rebbe

A conversation about the nature of existence

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The Physical World According to the Alter Rebbe: A conversation about the nature of existence

On the 200th anniversary of the passing of the Alter Rebbe, founder of the Chabad school of mysticism, two scholars sit down to discuss the significance of one of his teachings—the meaning and value of the physical universe.
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Tevet 24, Chassidism, Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Inexistence of the Universe, The, Physicality and Spirituality, Bittul, R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi (Alter Rebbe), Physical World, The

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Scott Foster May 22, 2019

Add a comment...The "physical world" is not real. The answer is in the beginning ..."God created..." The "physical world" therefore is a "creation" is like a boy who creates a place for his pet turtle...the boy knows it's a fake environment for the turtle to live...the turtle may or may not know this Reply

Anonymous Mesa,AZ September 18, 2015

The phisical world I watched this video in 2012, and back then I was in the beginning of a revelation from Hashem, blessed is He, about who I am in this world and what my pass of life, my purpose was meant to be. He revealed that I am a child from the chosen peple of the Covenant. I did not understand the meaning of this revelation. Today I am a little more knowledgeable of the Jewish faith, thanks to Chabad's teachings. I most say that today I am through the greatest battle with this physical world that I have encounter in my 67 yrs of my life. This battle is to maintain my Jewish faith. I was told to convert. I cannot afford to pay for the expences convertion requires. My love for both of my parents G-d, the G-d of Israel, now the One my soul have always sought, and finally revealed, is testing me. I have been attacked severely these last six yrs to the point that I my soul feels as if it have left me, and the pain is unvearable sometimes. Please pray for this woman who is alive only bcause He sustains. Reply

Yoseph Seattle July 26, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I will pray for you, you are loved greatly. Reply

Anonymous June 2, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

You are a blessed person. May the tests cease and the light of your neshama be revealed. Reply

Richard Raff September 17, 2015

Thank you Great conversation about dealing with life and spirituality. Reply

Rob Mykoff Louisiana, USA May 19, 2015

truth & kindness and more great insights, thanx Thank u very much for one of the most insightful & meaningful teachings on these key questions in life--especially since they are such difficult, core issues, yet they tend to be rarely taught so clearly. Amazing to hear the deepest & most everyday layers of life in a way that anyone can enjoy & understand.

Rabbi Tauber and Rabbi Taub, you'll both be in my bookmarks & online-readings, and of course having a video really makes it all the better.

I especially got a greater understanding of the how-and-what of Reb Zalman, the Alter Rebbe's, teachings..

Previously I'd learned about his main writing, the Tanya, from your websites & related links/videos, yet this addition of such an important level of his paradigm seems to sum things up clearly while helping with understanding that can be utilized in everyday struggles of any kind. Reply

Glenn Australia January 8, 2013

Yanki is such a gifted person,he should be in politics.
His knowlege of living a"clean" life is an example to everyone
Keep up the GOOD work. Reply

Chuck January 7, 2013

I think this is destructive . "In material things you can use this in kindness and benevolence and then realize G-d purpose in life ,. " is destructive . I who have read the passage that deal with Passover a number of times , see or understand a structure , maybe a spritual structure . The passage is an awareness of G-d that the people of Slavery had not enough faith
to endure a war when He G-d leads them from Egypt . The fact G-d does not give instructions to Moses to tell the people this . This being that he is leading them
where He will show to them materially who is their G-d , before they express their willingness to accept any commandments . It is not done on a spiritual level , becasue
as 2 commandments are heard , due to sin.. G-d knows that that the existance is full of sin and time makes for sin . G-d who is not material know that flesh
is flesh and will sin if not provided for, or are given less or more than needed . Survival is a balance of kindness ? Please prove it Reply

Anonymous Nairobi January 4, 2013

Ein od Milvado Very scientific inspiration by the R. Shneur Zalman so long time ago. Today, the reality or otherwise of the universe is at the very frontier of scientific discourse. To us it is real - but it could be a hologram,some say. Reply

Ross T Barnard Brisbane, Australia December 30, 2012

Thankyou Thank you for the illumination Reply

rut USA December 30, 2012

The Physical World According to the Alter Rebbe Extremely interesting discussion!
The hardest part of transcending to the Most High is to find the attribute of Truth in this world. I believe to do just that is by looking into the absolute truth of the Universe which is G-d. He gives us the challenge, we need to proof to Him our outmost interest in pleasing him. And doing this is by learning to love him. We get to love him as we get to know him. And to get to know him is by reading His Words in Torah, and expressing our feelings to him if we choose His ways as the most profound of all essence. It is a choice of the heart. This is probably what the Alter Rebbe found in his devotion to Hashem, blessed be He, in his life.
Wonderful! I would be looking forward to listening and learning from Yanki Tauber. Thank you. Reply

RM Mia December 30, 2012

TY! What a feast, no banquet can compare, thank you for feeding my soul.
As I wondered too before, why such petty complaints in others realities; what a wonderful gift to understand how we can grow with understanding and compassion for others, as you so beautifully discussed towards the end.
I am happy to see you again Mr. Taub, I have been waiting for quite some time to see and hear of another lesson from you. You are a gifted teacher, you can so easily break down the most complicated of concepts to a simple minded like me. Thank you! You make my mind worth thinking! Thank you too Mr. Tauber, fantastic learnings. Reply

Barry Brooklyn December 30, 2012

for the mitzva truth and kindness are the secrets to the world, when one knows how good it taste, one is only thinking about it for themselves. Because of the perfection of Torah and its followers, we have the ability to understand that taste means nothing to an individual who keeps it to himself.
This is an example of the Rebbe's letter, for the hardest mitzvah to perform is understanding on such a level then turning away and making yourself forget anything just to fulfill the mitzvah. Hence the only thing one can carry back from the unknown, is the mitzvah in which is so deep and is the only thing that connects us to the truth .. Amen Reply

Anonymous December 30, 2012

For the mitztva one cannot begin to fathom light while one is consumed in fire which it emits from. Reply

Lee Stern Voorhees, N.J. December 30, 2012

There is more meaning to the spiritual world of Judaism The spiritual Universe attracts all who believe in G-D and creation Reply