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Transforming the Self

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Transforming the Self

The book of Tanya, a masterpiece of Chassidic philosophy, has captured the mind and heart of many. What is its message?
Struggle, Challenge & Adversity, Temptation, Garments of the Soul, Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Animal Soul & G-dly Soul, Tanya

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Srulik Pinson August 6, 2020

Thank you for the amazing class! Reply

JDV August 4, 2020

I do not know much about Tanya but I intend to learn more! Thank you. Reply

Marlene Lewis January 6, 2013

I decided to learn some Tanya today, being the anniversary of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, and found the video on Transforming the Soul with Rabbi Jacobson. I found his explanation, along with Rabbi of the Chabad of Long Island, so absolutely interesting, that I am now anxious to learn more of Tanya. Rabbi Jacobson is a marvelous speaker, and my husband and I will listen to his tapes together. Thank you for bringing Tanya to us in such an interesting way. Reply

M. Summers Portland, Or November 14, 2011

THANK YOU Rabbi Jacobsen-
These lessons from the TANYA pierce through me and poke me where I need to be poked (need more than a poke frankly) I am relieved when I hear your discussion on this video. It would be difficult to argue any of the points the TANYA speaksof. I've struggled with drugs on and off and listening to you was a relief to me. I liked what you said about the integration of the two souls. you made a point referencing: of course you are going to have desires, wants, needs you have an animal soul...but you also have a spiritual soul-refine that soul too. M. Summers Reply

Anonymous December 11, 2010

I needed to hear this I had a week from Chelm last week and was pulling out my hair. I did NOT want to do anything nice with my family but I still made Shabbat dinner and it would be the best yet.

This made me realize that when things are bad that it is more important than ever to bring G-d into them . It is easy to say this and another thing to go forth into another week, knowing that my teens and preteens will do everything possible to give me grey hairs, but I hope to hold these words close to my heart and see how I can bring G-d into the frey! Reply

Anonymous Flushing, NY August 26, 2010

HOW DO YOU COME TO YOUR FABULOUS Interpretation, Rabbi Jacobson?
I am one to identify with Leah from Jerusalem, when it comes to deal with the study of Tanya.
It's an ongoing painful conflict just to accept the fact that i may be a rasha, since i often try hard not to transgress but fail repeatedly on the same issues.
The 'beyboni' is in perpetual conflict but doesn't transgress,
as i understood.
I love everything about chabad-libavitch, but my relationship with the tanya.
So your interpretation that according to tanya G-d wants a relationship/abode in my cesspool, is mindblowing...
Can you elaborate? Reply

Alfred P. Verhoeven Crystal River, USA August 26, 2010

Transforming the Self. As a Deist in awe of our Natural Creator I enjoyed and agreed with your realization of humans being a more advanced animal through our ability of having developed a higher concept of Reason. Or as you describe having two souls, animal and human. I think it is wonderful that you are able to teach this without being silenced by the Orthodox Jewry. Reply

Leah Jerusalem August 25, 2010

getting comfortable with the struggle-dichotomy for months i have been trying to read the daily portion of the Tanya- many times stopped b/c i could not deal with the conflicts it brought in me - with an ongoing and uncomfortable struggle, and then feeling guilty for not continuing -
my last trial of reading and studying the tanya went the same way- after a few days i felt i could not take it anymore - and have been looking for an answer to this for months - listening to this lecture, which summarized the main messages and points of the Tanya made a big difference to me - and gave me a long awaited answer to what i was feeling - and gave me a sense of comfort back "the comfort of acceptance of discomfort - of the struggle" and the ability to emerge from it without compromise.- thank u very much Reply