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with DovBer Pinson

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Reincarnation: with DovBer Pinson

Rabbi Pinson continues to outline the journey of the soul and the Jewish belief in reincarnation.

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Joshua June 5, 2018

Your explanation of karma is very simplistic and does not do it justice. Sounded more like you were mocking Eastern beliefs rather then trying to understand and explain it properly. You could have just looked it up for a better explanation:

"(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences."

Your understanding of animal phycology is pertty poor too. You say animals don't have a choice, but most anyone that has ever had a pet knows that not only do the animals make choices all the time, but they have a personality as well as display and reciprocate emotions. Sure "most" humans have a higher intellegence than animals, but "real" intellegence is also debatable. Reply

Tuvia Teldon June 26, 2018
in response to Joshua:

Dear Joshua,
Granted that Rabbi Pinson or myself are not experts in other religions' beliefs in reincarnation or animal psychology. Our point is to bring out the major differences, in a general way, as to how Kabala and Chasidut see the recycling of souls, which is very unique. I hope you can focus on that point, and I apologize for any misstatements made about other religions' beliefs. Reply

Rabbi Teldon COMMACK November 13, 2014

Dear Gail and David The Torah states "tamim tiyei im Hashem", which means we should be complete or whole with G-d.
The reason we don't do regression therapy is because Hashem created us with this 'baggage' for a reason. We are meant to live and work thru it in a natural way, with the natural tools G-d provides us (including regular therapy). Trying to delve into past lives skips the natural order and raises questions as to how much we accept Hashems purpose for why we go through what we have to go through in our lives.
A 'tamim' accepts Hashem's plan, whatever path it leads us on. Reply

Gail Malevan LeBauer Greensboro, NC November 13, 2014

Past life regression therapy Having practiced regression therapy since 1986, I have to disagree with the presentation suggesting that a Jewish person should not explore this technique. Having different clipot often shapes our inclinations in this lifetime, sometimes bringing us suffering which seems at odds with the desire to live at one's highest intention. Often one can explore that which creates the disharmony in this life time (phobias, destructive choices, etc.) that have residue trying to be healed from previous existences. This technique is only to serve HaShem --not to serve ego, but to allow one to heal the past and reframe one's destructive choices by forgiveness and teshuva Reply

Lloyd June 17, 2014

reincarnation According to Torah a single body being is raised from the dead to life, according to that theory of 613 life's, we end up with 613 different bodies. hmmm how does that work? Reply

June PA October 23, 2013

Huh? If Rabbi Tilden is up in Paradise, while the rest of his 612 parts come back down again, who are those parts if not him? Cos Rabbi Pinson says that Rabbi Tilden would not himself have to be reincarnated. Is he saying that his soul is shared by a bunch of different people? Reply

Catherine NY, NY March 6, 2012

insight I have all Rav Pinson's books. He is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. I really enjoy what he has to say on every topic he writes about. He has inspired me and I am writing a children's book based on the knowledge of the soul and the very special ability to use this lifetime to elevate the world a liitle bit because of the power to connect to G-d when we are here on earth.
Thank you Rav Pinson for educating those that might want to know more about their journey in this world and beyond Reply

sondra md August 22, 2010

reincarnation Thank you Rabbi Pinson for the 2 very interesting sections on the soul. I am at a loss to understand the 613 parts of the soul. Wouldn't this be cutting sections off the soul and destributing it into different people? And which body does the soul return? And doesnt the 613th part of the sould miss the other 612 parts? Reply

David July 21, 2010

Rabbi Pinson In regards to the subject of mediumship which was touched upon on in this talk, it is important to differentiate between necromancy, which is what Rabbi Pinson was referring to, and mediumship, which is actually merely an extension of psychic ability. As opposed to the necromancer, the medium never calls souls down or forces them. That said, it should also be mentioned that anyone familiar with mediumship will know that it is a 'dead' energy, the spirit drains the communicator as it uses the medium's energy to connect, and is far from the side of qedushah - holiness, the transcendental Spirit of Living G-d.
Another point, re regression therapy used in hypnotherapy. On rare occasions, there have been noted very interesting corroborations of past lives that help to explain why the person would now be suffering. In my limited experience, this 'baggage' is invariably to do with how the previous 'life' died. As the various parts of the soul can be accessed through the subconscious it appears that the trauma of death deeply affects the subconscious, as to at times affect other parts of the soul Reply

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