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The Riddle of Reincarnation

Why the soul splits into multiple lives

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The Riddle of Reincarnation : Why the soul splits into multiple lives

The idea of a soul returning to this world multiple times is indeed explained in Jewish mysticism. But, how do we reconcile the notion of reincarnation with the soul going to heaven? And how can the same soul be connected with many bodies?
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Mary March 20, 2022

Some was some time ago I was praying for many hard sinners. As a result I experienced terrible attacks of evil spirits. I listened to a video later that explained that if you pray for a hard sinner it might happen. Long story short, the evil spirits were attacking my faith and trying to mess up my beliefs and trying to convince me of many things which I knew were not true. Among many assaults I experienced tempting of evil spirits ( it was quite obvious to me that it was not coming from G-d), that in truth, there is a reincarnation. That experience reinforced my belief that it is not true. Spiritual experiences can be very tricky and evil spirits are very cunning in their ways to deceive people of G-d. Reply

Anonymous January 31, 2020

how does one purify themselves of remnants of past non kosher food they ate before they knew they were supposed to eat kosher? same question for everything else that was like the part in this video where the baby had to reincarnate because of the mother's milk but anything else that's like that. how do they purify in the same lifetime? Reply

Robbie Ruston August 19, 2015

Reincarnation Very nice presentation.... Reply

Rolando VA August 11, 2015

It's clear that G-d's people have the great burden through fulfillment of their souls purpose to bring or usher in Moshiach. This parallels Muslims jihad to bring in their Mahdi (Islamic messiah). If Moshiach will bring perfection and righteousness, why this task levied upon the Jewish soul? Reply

ckelli Tucson, AZ August 11, 2015

Reincarnation Thank you for your teachings, and your great and much appreciated humor.
This is helpful - I lost my son 3 years ago at 29 and you have given me comfort. I remember when he was at that age where he was learning to talk and he could form short sentences.
I had done something for him and he gave me a bear hug and a great wet kiss and he said "You are the best mom I have ever had!" and then he started off to play again. I was so taken by this that I called him back to me and I said 'What did you just say to me? and he said ' I said you are the best mom I have ever had'.
I just sat and thought for awhile about how he was telling me that he had been here before, and how amazing it was that he could remember his previous experiences.
He always had a favorite teddy bear and a stuffed racoon that he watched over. He was so kind he dressed as superman. He was a sociopolitical artist and not a big man physically he fought racism, stood up to bullies and the police never found out who shot him Reply

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