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Do Jews Believe in Mazal?

The Jewish view on the zodiac

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Do Jews Believe in Mazal?: The Jewish view on the zodiac

Why do we wish others “mazal tov,” and what does it mean? Can we change or influence our mazal? What is the Jewish view on the zodiac and horoscopes?
Astrology, Zodiac, Mazal

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Israel Maalik New York August 22, 2020

This lesson along with the lesson on the month of Av are very impactful. I'm thankful for the guidance. Reply

Fabian Bernstein San Diego December 25, 2019

Born on friday . Mazal I heard that the Talmud says a person born on Friday is a person that's is after good deeds. But this video said something terrifying, that it's the opposite a person born on Friday comes from blood because that's the day of the red planet was created? Can a rabbi please explain this. I was born on Friday.

How can I change my mazal ? I feel I'm a shlemazal. Reply

Ken SF January 15, 2019

I believe it is possible to experience the divine flowing through the universe, it is to witness with awe the sacred pervading all things. Reply

Anonymous Dominican Republic August 12, 2016

talk on mazal Really enjoyed. Awesome commentaries, explanations, story-telling. I love how you took one-term and explained it using various different angles. My understanding and perspective - definitely enriched. Thank you. Reply

bo Warsaw May 3, 2016

neurological point of view I greatelly prefer 'mazal tov' to 'corpus callosum tov' ;) Reply

Joel Zeligson Tulsa, OK March 6, 2016

Mazel Tov, Rabbi Plotkin.
I think this is the best of the shiurim I've watched on
We studied a little of this in the last JLI course. But you expanded on it very cogently. Mazel tov again. Reply

Darrell Phillips Moultrie GA March 4, 2016

This is a blessing to know Thank you Rabbi. I have been changed in my awe once again. Reply

artisanrox Pa, USA March 4, 2016

thank you so much. wonderful Reply

Fro March 3, 2016

Thank you for the lesson. It's an eye-opener as well as filled with peace. Reply

Chaya Creel March 1, 2016

Thank you. The topic is of great interest and your lesson was very peaceful and warm. May you be blessed with a good mazal.

Jacque Shearer 27265 March 1, 2016

Mazel Tov Thank you, this is rich--so heart touching! Reply