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How to Connect with Our Loved Ones

Continuing the bond after their passing

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How to Connect with Our Loved Ones: Continuing the bond after their passing

Even after loved ones pass on there are many channels and ways to connect and continue the relationship.
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Tzaddik's Gravesite, Life After Death, Cemeteries

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Rosalyn (Rahel) Sherman branchport, ny March 4, 2022

So comforting.

The portals: 1..)the cemetery,
2) the clothing and belongings, 3.) the home where the person lived, 4.) the writings of the person, 5.) find the love you have for the loved one you have for the loved and the love will connect you to him/her and then you can share it with another...everytime you give love, you are re-experiencing the love you have for a departed one. The loved one is implanted in our soul. 6.) Anywhere! Reply

Georgios Mantzoukas Sydney January 18, 2016

I love this Rabbi,,He is funny... Reply

Mike February 8, 2015

Thank you

Tell your brother to change his password though... Reply

Janice Colorado February 4, 2015

How To Connect with Loved Ones Rabbi Ploktin;

I so enjoyed this time with you. Thank you for much for sharing. i think you must be an excellant husband, father, and friend to many. Tell Zalmi (sp) Happy birthday. Reply

Mrs Helen Fox Herts February 3, 2015

Monday Feb 9th will be my daughters birthday she would have been 54 but she never came home 43 years ago because she was killed by a speeding police car. i will be at the cemetary as always on this day and I speak to her of what has happened in the family, and again on her yahrzeit every year i enjoyed your Video. I speak to her picture daily. Thank you and thank G-D Reply

Mindy Block Port Jefferson, NY February 2, 2015

thank you In making sense of Ray's sudden death, kissing me goodbye in the morning and not coming home that night, your stories confirm my spiritual experiences these 4.5 years since. I do find Ray in the Long Island Pine Barrens, so much of who he did in life. And elsewhere. You also give me reason to visit the cemetery.

Thanks for continued hope, in this all too secular world. I do appreciate you reflection on how this is an age of communication.

- Mindy Reply

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