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What is Heaven and Hell?

It’s all about perspective


What is Heaven and Hell?: It’s all about perspective

A Jewish perspective on the nature of heaven and hell, and the reward and punishment for the soul when divested of a physical body.
Heaven & Hell

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Rolando Virginia July 21, 2015

So before the resurrection of the dead, the soul has been waiting. If so, where is it? It can't be in a "perception" either of heaven or of he'll with the body being absent. However, if the souls is a part of G-d how can shame or self-criticism be experienced by divinity? Reply

Janice Colorado February 4, 2015

Heaven and Hell Sounds like when we come to the King's Home, we need to be an honorable gift to Him, and not a vessel of dishonor. Reply

Anonymous Holland January 27, 2015

Impressive! Thank you! Reply