What is Heaven and Hell?

It’s all about perspective

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What is Heaven and Hell?: It’s all about perspective

A Jewish perspective on the nature of heaven and hell, and the reward and punishment for the soul when divested of a physical body.
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Heaven & Hell

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Richard New York City July 6, 2020

So, how I am understanding is hell is a state of purification. Then after the purification (embarrassment) we then enter into heave? And how does one cleanse their soul here, if even though we have done many good things and wanted to do much more but due to circumstance that were beyond our control blocked us from pursuing our choices of say careers and living a life that wanted to be devoted to helping people (for example I wanted to when I was younger join the Peace Corp worked for a year learning a trade only to go back and find out they don’t use people with the particular skills and this was not the only time this type of situation happened to me, several times) I am a 64 yo man now and after a sincere desire to help people in war torn countries rebuild or work with the disabled, elderly, sick was stopped by something whether that be the money to learn a trade, being given a job only to find out one week before my starting date the job had to be given to a girl with disabilitie. Reply

Rolando Virginia July 21, 2015

So before the resurrection of the dead, the soul has been waiting. If so, where is it? It can't be in a "perception" either of heaven or of he'll with the body being absent. However, if the souls is a part of G-d how can shame or self-criticism be experienced by divinity? Reply

Janice Colorado February 4, 2015

Heaven and Hell Sounds like when we come to the King's Home, we need to be an honorable gift to Him, and not a vessel of dishonor. Reply

Anonymous Holland January 27, 2015

Impressive! Thank you! Reply

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