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What Happens When We Get to the Next World?

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What Happens When We Get to the Next World?

The Torah focuses on this world and not the next world because what we can accomplish here is so valuable. Nevertheless, our world is upside down and truth and clarity occurs only in the world to come.
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Heaven & Hell, World To Come, Life After Death

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Edith Nairobi January 23, 2018

What is your mum's name? Would like to check out her NDE videos on the site.. Reply Staff January 24, 2018
in response to Edith:

You can search for "Nomi Freeman" Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach, CA January 24, 2015

Need additional information Regarding to the information this wonderful teacher discussed at 45:00: Can someone give me the correct spelling of the bone behind the neck that cannot be destroyed even during cremation? Reply

yehuda Beverly Hills January 21, 2015

Neshumo like a flame? The concept of the soul is not recognised by science because it is a supernatural explanation of the phenomenon of human consciousness, and as such non-falsifiable. The soul is postulated by believers to be completely immaterial. Scientists who attempt, and without exception fail, to find evidence of the soul will usually be told that they can't measure or characterise it anyway. Like most other spiritual beliefs, this makes the idea of the soul somewhat immune to scrutiny. Those who logically and scientifically argue against a "soul" would state that if something can't be measured or tested -directly or indirectly- in any way, then it can't affect the material world and therefore is, in all practicality and in all actuality, non-existent. Reply

Anonymous January 21, 2015

Wonderful I love the class.

She delivers it very well.

It would be nice if she made eye contact with us (the camera), though. Reply

yehuda Beverly Hills January 20, 2015

Depictions of the afterlife may be proof more of the endless possibilities of human imagination than anything else. According to neuroscientific views, the mind, with the components of memories, creativity, beliefs and opinions that form a person's identity, is a component of the functioning brain.During brain death, which is typically bound to occur in as few as 3 minutes after cardiac arrest, all brain function halts permanently. If the soul is a part of the mind, it would cease to exist at brain death. In the scientific context, there is nothing of one's personality that can exist outside of the biological framework which could float off to some happy place, or live a new life, nothing that could live "after life." Reply

Lisa Steck Spring, Texas January 20, 2015

Wonderful! Reply

Anonymous Phoenix AZ January 19, 2015

I am so fortunate to have found this wonderful teacher! Kol Tov, Tzip Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada January 19, 2015

Nothing Happens In The Next World If... The Kabbalists tell us:
All the Torah instructs us is how to reach the 'Next World'
- how to shift out of this egoistic world we currently dwell in.
- The "Next World' is a world where everyone is connected as 'one man with one heart'
- everyone has this same quality of G_d - to love each other as thyself.
- The Torah only guides us how to connect in mutual love with each other.
The Torah takes us through all the states we need to experience until we reach love of other.
This connection develops our One Soul.

If we do not develop our integration in this Soul nothing happens for you in the 'Next World' will return to this egoistic self-love world' to try again to be allowed access to the 'Next World' Reply

Talma January 6, 2015

What Happens When We Get to the Next World? I heard one lady say that when she was on the other side that she met her grandma and asked her what was the light she saw. Her grandma said that the light is the Breath of G-d.

All the books I have read and videos I have watched people talk about going through a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel there is a bright light. They say that they never felt so accepted and loved the way they feel in this light. There is a life review and some are asked "What have you done for mankind?" Love one another is very important to G-d the Creator of all flesh. Some people report that they were told that they could not stay for they have not finished their mission. Others have a choice, and others want to come back. Not all NDE are beautiful, some people go into a form of hell as they call it, and come back transformed and finally discover there is a G-d in this world and the next. Their lives are changed forever for the best. Reply

John McArdle Edinburgh Scotland January 5, 2015

Hell is the absence of Hashem. The absence of love. Imagine the regret - to have wasted the chance to be a joint partner with Hashem in bringing solace and succour to His children. Never mind the reward. It is suffering enough on that day to know that one's life was worthless. Do not say: Tomorrow I will repent

"Rabbi Eliezer would say: Repent one day before your death. Asked his disciples: Does a man know on which day he will die? Said he to them: So being the case, he should repent today, for perhaps tomorrow he will die; hence, all his days are passed in a state of repentance. Indeed, so said Solomon in his wisdom (Ecclesiastes 9:8): 'At all times, your clothes should be white, and oil should not lack from your head'" (Talmud, Shabbat 153a). Reply

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