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The Temple Mount

with Lawrence Schiffman

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The Temple Mount: with Lawrence Schiffman

Professor Lawrence Schiffman, a noted scholar, details the rich historical significance of the sacred sites of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem up until their modern day status.
Schiffman, Lawrence, Temple Mount

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yehudah montreal August 2, 2022

no one cares about the temple mount except Jews, and the rest of the world just want to take it away from us because it is so holy and has so much meaning to us, and they hate that we have our own special place in the world. Reply

Else Skilnand Råde, Norway August 3, 2010

Tempel Mount Jerusalem and the Temple mount are biblical places and must never be given to the Muslims and Arab world. Israel stand up for your holy places and never give up! Reply

boB W boynton beach, Fl USA July 23, 2010

Temple Mount May G-d give the Israeli Government the courage to take back control of the Temple Mount. Give all peaceful non-Jews (including Muslims) access to visit all parts of the Mount. But make no mistake it is part of Jerusalem, which belongs 100% to Israel. Reply

Anonymous Chicago, USA July 21, 2010

The Temple Mount How sad it is to sense that Israeli tolerance has spawned intolerance as the Temple Mount is carelessly excavated and Jewish history is deliberately destroyed.. Reply

Terry oshawa, canada via July 19, 2010

Temples and Temple Mount fantastic information and very thorough Reply

Anonymous Paris, France July 19, 2010

It is possible to be a Christian or practice Judaism and also be a freemason which exposes the worship of a different god and is totally contrary to the Judeo-Christian fundamental belief enshrined in The Shma that G-d is one. Reply

Anonymous Brisbane, Australia via July 19, 2010

Awesome I am a Christian and a Freemason and I totally agree with the professor. Thank you for teaching me. We all know this Temple was initially Jewish. So do all the millions of Freemasons. Reply

Jordan Jay July 18, 2010

General Style I am going to begin by recommending a change in the language that Rabbonim and Jewish professionals use when referring to 'Judaism'.

It is important that we appreciate that 'Judaism' is really a misnomer. The Jewish people are an ethnic group, albeit one that people can indeed become a part of by valid halachic conversion. It is disingenuous to refer to this people as a mere Jewish 'religion' because it is a) not something that people can simply profess or not profess and be considered a 'believer'. In almost all areas of halacha, belief is unimportant, or at least secondary to the practical outcome in the world of the act, as the Rabbis in Ethics of our Fathers have taught, 'the essential thing is the deed'.

When we refer to the 'Jewish religion' it goes against the entire Tanya and Torah generally. Never in the Torah are we called a religion; we are called 'b'nei Yisrael' (the children of Israel) 'am Yisrael' (the nation of Israel), or 'Tzion.' This is because Jewish souls intrinsically are 'literally a part of G-d above'. Reply

P.M. Grill Dr. h.c. Germany December 18, 2018
in response to Jordan Jay:

thank You very much for this correct statemant. Shalom Shalom
and even if some wants not to know that she or he is jewish, even not blieves or some other minde
like it seems as it does not matter "how we pray". I am therapist, based in torah, the only possibility
to ge one with all splittings we find to belief some one else. This are results comming up when I remembred when I was very young not knowing whom I am. This question I asked my sourrounding
when I was 4-5 Years old..... A wounder-ful Almighty. Thank You for sharing and not to stop it.
Shalom Shalom m.malkah Shirah Grill Reply

CHAIM cannes, france July 18, 2010

This would have been far more captivating if diagrams would have been displayed simultaneously while Professor Schiffman explains the historical landscape of the Temple. Reply

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