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What Do You Know About Your Great-Grandparents?

Mount Sinai vs. the Temple Mount offers perspective

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What Do You Know About Your Great-Grandparents?: Mount Sinai vs. the Temple Mount offers perspective

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Frida Mandelblum Wisconsin February 15, 2023

Amazing insight!!!
How to compare the mountains in our Judaism.
Perhaps now I understand why I felt something very deep when in our school’s trip we’re taking to a probable site of Char Sinai in the Negev in 1976.
But my deepest feelings goes everyone I travel to Israel and can’t leave the place without Davening and reading the whole Tehillim Sefer. Thanks. Shalom U’Bracha Reply

Steve Huntington Beach, CA February 3, 2020

This was awesome...thanks R. Barber! Reply

Patricia SPasadena via January 12, 2019

I know that my great grandmother was a German Jew from Badan Badan and my great grandfather was from Alsace Loraine. I know this because my grandfather was a pro football player, much of the information has been made public.
I know that they came to America with much wisdom and culture. Reply

Anonymous London February 5, 2016

I am very lucky that I have been able to discover my great grandparents and also many generations back, until 1700 when my 10th great grandfather came to London, from Amsterdam - previously from Seville. I discovered my great grandparents', Mordecai Mendoza and Dinah Mendoza (Mitchell), grave in the Sephardi cemetery in Hoop Lane, London NW11 in 1979. I then embarked on a voyage of discovery to find many ancestors, with the help of an existing Family Tree given to me by the Hammerson Family, also part of my Tree. Reply