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Miri Makes Trouble

A high-suspense, serialized, kabbalistic sci-fi/fantasy.

Episode 1
Can Rabbi Infinity prevent Miri and Feivel from abusing kabbalistic technology? Can the world survive a five year old’s tinkering with the parameters of existence? Watch this first episode in a five-part thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat--if you don't fall off--and find out (eventually)!
Confounded by the confusion of a duplicate Zaidy and a reckless fly-fighting Feivel, Miri's attempt to create a pet camel ends up in cosmic catastrophe.
Chaos erupts and two Rabbi Infinites engage in existential debate while Feivel attempts to save the world (and himself) from an angered golem.
Driven by Miri's urgent pleas and Feivel's antics, Rabbi Infinity is faced with an existential dilemma: To unplug or not to unplug? Does oblivion await him? Or does it await his clone? The penultimate episode in a thriller series.
This is it! Find out once and for all what happens to a Rabbi Infinity who pulls the cord on what may be the source of his own existence. Find out what happens to little girls who play around with the paramaters of reality. And what happens to mechanical pets who play around with zappers and golems.