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Prison Is Not a Place, It's a State of Mind

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Prison Is Not a Place, It's a State of Mind

Somebody can put you in prison, but nobody can make you imprisoned.
Joy; Happiness, Freedom; Independence, Prison; Imprisonment

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Hessel Meilech Tableview and Chicago February 25, 2021

There is one video that we must all watch. The Ballerina of Auschwitz. The story of
Dr. Edith Eger.
You will learn what imprisonment means. Both your mind and your body are imprisoned.
One needs a tremendous amount of courage to survive.
Elie Wiesel was another who wrote the book Night and he also knew what survival meant.
1,2 million Jewish children did not survive. That is our terrible history. We therefore have inside us DNA depression and anxiety which is a result of our terrible history. Reply

Stephanie Colorado February 25, 2021

What a perfect word for a not so 'perfect' time in my life...Thank You. Reply

Helen Australia February 24, 2021

Thanks Chana. This is so true. I spend a lot of time in the prison of a malfunctioning body, however, my soul and spirit are always free to roam into the most beautiful realms of the beauties of creation. As I get closer to G-d, the more beauty I discover. I humbly abandon myself to his grace. My spirit elevates in my periods of physical incapacity. It took me ten years to find the right key and drop all resentment and accept that my soul was a separate entity from my dysfunctional body. It’s an achievement of freedom That I wish on all imprisoned souls. Blessings Reply

Joe Angel Santos Anaheim California February 24, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful testimony of freedom in adoration. May the world come to the truth, and find the adoration of HaShem as freeing as this brother. Reply

Deborah NY February 24, 2021

Strong and meaningful words
Thank you Reply

Hector Mexico February 22, 2021

Very beautiful. Thank you Reply

Teresa February 22, 2021

Just what I needed today. Reply

Laney Georgia February 25, 2021
in response to Teresa:

Likewise, this is a strong message and is uplifting to me Reply

Jennifer Aus February 22, 2021

This beautiful! thank you for sharing this message. Reply

Joel CA February 21, 2021

Excellent teaching. Thank You! Reply