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The Kosher Kitchen

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The Kosher Kitchen

One of the fundamental principles of a Kosher home is keeping Milk and Meat separate; from pots & pans and cutlery to stoves and sinks. Plus: The laws of Koshering utensils previously used for non-kosher foods.
Koshering Utensils, Milk and Meat, Kosher

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Anonymous April 3, 2019

Thank you so much was awesome information! Reply

Anonymous February 28, 2019

Our class watched this video and I thought it was great. Good work Reply

Grandmamarel Essex, UK August 6, 2017

Whats the rule for checking frozen berries like blackberries which are difficult to check. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for August 10, 2017
in response to Grandmamarel:

Frozen fruits do not need to be checked because they is thoroughly washed before being frozen. Reply

Khorshed kora Roberta Robert Rebecca Rivka Katz Vakil Howie Boston May 1, 2018
in response to Eliezer Zalmanov:

Really? Even without any seal? Of course it's kosher if a Jew is eating it and if it has the circle R label for reform ;-) but seriously it needs texture texture hexter. And who is they? We're talking about paid going goyim? What shul do they dive in at wavy I got to teach my auto-correct Yiddish Reply

Liza Utrecht May 31, 2017

I thought glass doesn't get unkosher and can nbe used for both milk and meat, so why, in the video, do they kasher it? Reply

EK June 19, 2017
in response to Liza:

The Torah does not explicitly mention glass, and the Halachic authorities debate the status of glass utensils. Some compare it to metal and therefore they may be Koshered. Others compare it to earthenware and therefore may not be Koshered. Others see the final product and since it is smooth and sealed it does not absorb anything and a good rinse suffices.

The Bais Yosef is the view that glass does not absorb and therefore glass only needs a rinse.
The Rema fuses the first two opinions and with regards to regular prohibitions it is like metal and may be Koshered. With regards to Chametz they may not be Koshered unless there is an extreme circumstance.
Thus, the prevailing custom among Sephardim is to be lenient with glass and just suffice with a good rinse.
Among the Ashkenazim they do Kosher glass year round but not for Pesach.

For the details of this discussion see Shulchan Aruch Harav Orach Chayim 451:73. Reply

Michelle Brown - Ayala Las Vegas November 29, 2015

Humane eating As an ex- vegetarian I was especially impressed when you touched on humane slaughter. Thank you for another exceptional hour of education. Reply

Anonymous B''klyn, NY May 4, 2010

great video! really great video!

I wish they had a comprehensive video showing the various methods of kashering vessels, with demonstrations of each method, and explanation of various materials that than and can not be kashered. Reply

Shani NYC May 22, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

That would be nice for a view of how it's done.
For sure.
Personally I would not have any idea of the laws of why and how to do it on my own..
These people are trained from Torah and have a deep understanding and kavanah to preform these mitzvot. Right? Reply

Anonymous Richmond, VA August 3, 2009

Posted By Anonymous, pittsburgh, pa
"You should post all of these to YouTube!!"

I agree with Anonymous...these videos are great. You should post then on youtube so more ppl can find them. Reply

Anonymous pittsburgh, pa February 8, 2008

Spreading the word You should post all of these to YouTube!! Reply

ALESSANDRO VENEZIA Rome, Italy October 8, 2006

"The Deed" is a very useful and interesting series. In this way the Jews of all over the word are able to study, understand and apply the fundamental topics of Judaism. A short final comment: can you do "audio & video" about Havdalah? Reply

J Y August 3, 2006

Your series entitled "The Deed", is phenominal. Rabbi Kaplan is a wonderful orator, and the topics are so fundamentally important. Chabad keep up the GREAT work! I would like to add as a comment that you should advertise this series if not abroad at least more bold on your website. It has now become most people's favorite link. Reply

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