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The Prohibition of Milk and Meat

Parshah Power - Mishpatim

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The Prohibition of Milk and Meat: Parshah Power - Mishpatim

In middle of the many logical mitzvahs – most dealing with civil law – that are enumerated in the parshah of Mishpatim, the Torah mentions the super-rational prohibition of cooking milk and meat (Genesis.23:19); what’s the significance?
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Mishpatim, Milk and Meat

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Warren Brisbane, Australia January 27, 2022

Thank you for your explanation and expansion of the text. We who are not versed in Hebrew are certainly at a disadvantage in such exegesis. Perhaps for a common interpretation you could extend the meaning to include the prohibition of killing a calf (etc.) while it's mother is still lactating and denying the cow it's inherent nurturing of its newborn. Of course eating Veal falls into this category. We have as a society adopted a seared conscience with respect to killing immature animals for both consumption and gain. Reply

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