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Kosher Food

Practical Parshah—Shemini

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Kosher Food: Practical Parshah—Shemini

The biblical criteria for determining which animals are kosher, and their practical application today.
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Parshah, Kosher Signs, Shemini

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Marty Denver April 23, 2012

Kashruth a compromise for Vegetarianism? What diet does G-d really want for us? We see that in the Garden of Eden both animals and humans are commanded to be vegetarian: Gen 1:29-30.According to Isaiah 11: 6-9,perhaps when the messiah comes we will return to a vegetarian diet. Rambam interprets these passages as a metaphor for world peace but peace begins with ourselves and how we treat everything around us, including animals. The language is so specific that animals will be vegetarian, surely it applies to humans as well. Perhaps Isaiah didn’t want to say that we will be vegetarian because he feared that our desire for flesh is so great that we would not look forward to the coming of the messiah.
While the laws regarding kosher foods are considered “chokim” it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to understand what G-d really wants for us. Seeing that humans have difficulty controlling their passions, G-d compromises and sanctions all meat after the flood. Maybe kashruth is another compromise between eating meat and vegetarianism Reply

Beth Aaron April 17, 2012

Kosher intent NON-Existent If Jews went to "kosher" slaughterhouses, or had their children spend a few days, they'd see such abominable suffering, they'd have nightmares, as I do! There is, for the animals, an Eternal Treblinka in Jewish Kosher slaughter. The animals are still from grotesque factory farms, spend every day of their lives in misery, to satisfy a selfish palate, for products that are making Jews sick, and destroying our earth. The intent of kashrut is lost, LOST!!! GO vegan, that is the ultimate kosher ideal. Reply

Binh Tran fremont, ca March 26, 2011

Kashrut Thanks Rabbi Kaplan for a good teaching class tonight. One question Rabbi, in this week Parsha on 11:27 says "whatever goes on it paws, among all animals that goes on four is unclean for you", the word 'paws' does this means dog? Thanks Rabbi Kaplan for your teachings tonight. Reply

Terie Osburn Fredericksburg, Texas,USA March 23, 2011

this video doesnt come up We are students of Rabbi Kaplan, we live in TX, attend an orthodox shul, going through conversion. I have 2 generations of Jews but all became catholics. Many others were listed on the death camp lists in France. Cant find any papers on anyone, so I choose conversion. My heart was Jewish from birth even being raised with Jewish hatred by mother whose father Moyses grandmother was Jewish.

The spark has burned in my heart given me by G-d. I so love Him-- my husband & I and Hunger for more and more Torah and learning. We love and get most all our teaching here. If we ever get past our medical bills of late, we will send a gift of appreciation. Wont be much but it will be heartfelt.

Bless You Reply

suzi orlando, fl. USA March 22, 2011

Kosher Which Is for the Soul This was very interesting, and as usual I learned. I love to listen to this man speak. A Rabbi who is so sweet, has humor, is obviously extremely intelligent, as well as educated, is pure pleaasure.

I am so glad I dicovered this site, and this Rabbi, Mendal Kaplan.

Thank you. Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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