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Annulling a Vow

Practical Parshah—Matot

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Annulling a Vow: Practical Parshah—Matot

It is a mitzvah to keep a vow, but it is also a mitzvah to have a vow properly annulled. How is a vow annulled?
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Matot-Massei, Parshah, Nedarim, Matot

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Eric Sander Kingston North Hollywood July 13, 2017

"If you cannot elevate a place you can be brought down by it." Great Advice!!! Reply

Bea WNY July 16, 2014

Toda raba! This was wonderful. When we read and hear the Chumash, we get the cloudy settling of it upon us but not always do we get the profound, living Light. Thank you for flicking the switch to ON! You have blessed us with your share of understanding and your gift to be able to convey it so smoothly, yet with such solid force. Annul your vows so you words don't come back to get you... as Pharaoh's did when he said "GO!" and then changed his mind?

Anonymous July 13, 2014

Minute 11:01-11:27
"There is no dispute in any of the commentaries that this mitzvah was not given only to the leadership--that this mitzvah is something that's binding on all the Jewish people. There is, however, a dispute whether or not Moshe Rabbeinu openly taught this to everybody or whether he informed the leadership--and they they, in turn, would inform the rest of the Jewish people."

Why is there a dispute? Reply

Vera Gorodski Berlin, Germany July 5, 2013

Thank you, Rabbi Kaplan.
Your lectures are very helpful and interesting - we learn so much! Me and my husband, we watch your Practical Parshah (and not only) on a weekly basis.
(and I'm also portuguese!) Reply

Marco Moreira Lisbon, Portugal July 19, 2011

Kol Hakavod Great lecture! It worth staying up till 2:24 am (portuguese time) Reply

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